Video: how far the Rimac Nevera goes, the fastest electric car in the world

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In recent years this has become clearer false belief that electric cars were boring. In addition, its acceleration power can make more than a gasoline-engined sports car look ridiculous. And now a new brand has been established for this type of vehicle but with another reference: the maximum speed.

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rhymingthe young Croatian electric car company and brand new owner of Bugatti, the most luxurious sports car company in the world, has just made its refrigerator model the fastest electrified model on the planet.

This coupe, which has an electric motor for each of its four wheels, generates a total of 1,914 horsepower. And that power was what drove him to the record of 412 km/h.

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The interesting thing about this record, beyond how impressive it is, is that this brand was what the company promised in 2018, when it first presented its model to the public, at the Geneva Motor Show.

A shocking record

The test took place on the Automotive Testing Papenburg track in Germany, an oval circuit with two straights, each about 4 kilometers longenough distance for the Refrigerator to reach its maximum speed.

The hypercar was driven by Miro Zrnčević, the company’s chief test and development driver. To meet the challenge, this coupe was set to its top speed mode, which reduces drag while maintaining enough downforce to remain stable at high speeds.

The test was accompanied by a Michelin technician, who also checked the condition of the Cup 2R tyres. a model of wheels that are legal for use on public roads.

The 412 km/h achieved by the Rimac Nevera are impressive from several points of view. One is for the number reached. But on the other hand, it has more value since cars that run on electricity generally have lower top speeds.

For customers, the refrigerator is limited to a maximum speed of 350 km/h, which is still ridiculously fast. But Rimac makes it clear that in special events, with the support of the company’s team, customers will be able to unlock the model’s maximum 412 km/h.

What will be available to customers who started receiving this model in August this year is its explosive acceleration power, which allows quarter mile in just 8.582 secondsmark set by the Refrigerator in 2021 to become the fastest accelerating production car in the world.

“The most important thing I learned while attempting top speed was the stability of the car, which confirms that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics team did an amazing job,” Zrnčević said in a statement.

The Nevera is currently under construction at the Rimac headquarters near Zagreb, Croatia, with the first unit being delivered to the former 2016 Formula 1 champion, Nico Rosberg.

Source: Clarin

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