Renault and Google, the alliance working on the digital cars of the future

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Renault and the tech giant Google They have extended their relationship to accelerate the path towards the digital transformation of the French group’s vehicles.

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Both companies are working on the design of a digital architecture for the future “Software-Defined Vehicle” (SDV), which will allow to integrate new services on request (on-demand) and perform continuous updates through the Android Auto operating system in collaboration with Google Cloud technology.

Furthermore, all with the aim of improving safety and trying to make the driving experience even more comfortable and “personalised”.

digital experience

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The alliance between the two companies started in 2018. At that time the goal was to equip all vehicles with the system Android Auto (Google).

Now, fusion goes one step further with the creation of a sort of virtual clone of the vehicle with artificial intelligence, called Digital Twin (in Spanish, Digital Twin), capable of constantly receiving updates and new services on board.

To do this, the French company will use the platform more intensively Google Cloudin order to achieve greater agility, better performance and greater profitability.

This will reduce costs, improve the efficiency, flexibility and speed of vehicle developments, and increase end-user value through continuous software innovation.

Renault claims that with this technology it will be able to do so predict potential defects and failuresas well as the constant publication of updates in real time.

The digital twin of the real vehicle will tell the driver, for example, when it needs maintenance or even “will be able to correct minor faults by itself”.

It will also allow for personalized experience on board (In-Car Services) to adapt to driving needs and behaviors and frequently used destinations such as electric charging stations, among others.

In short, with the “Software-Defined Vehicle” and Car Data platforms, Groupe Renault plans to monitor and analyze car usage for a better understanding of customer needs and behaviors, as well as the creation of better and personalized services according to your expectations.

Source: Clarin

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