Out of stock: Used car sales continue in free fall

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The second-hand market continues to suffer the lashings of an economic crisis which does not allow it to raise its head again in this second semester and which sets off alarm bells in the sector.

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Despite exceeding one million transactions in 2022, the pace of sales has stalled after what seemed to be an encouraging start. And in the last two months the falls have been eloquent.

The lack of stocks of units, as well as benchmarks in available vehicles, coupled with an inflation that does not stop their progress, increasingly alienates the user public from the agencies.

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The Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA) reported that 118,203 used vehicles were sold in Argentina in October, which represents a year-over-year decline of 16.08%, knowing that a total of 140,854 transactions were recorded in 2021.

If we compare with September (136,913 vehicles) the decline was 13.67%, while in the cumulative January-October the data also show red numbers: -4.23%.

In relation to these 10 months, CCA reported that 1,327,459 units were sold, while in 2021 1,386,115 operations were registered.

Alejandro Lamas, secretary of the Chamber, expressed his concern about the sharp decline in the sale of used cars in the last two months (in September it was 15%).

“To the already known problem, lack of stock in the premises due to not being able to replace the cars that are sold mainly due to the distorted market in which we are immersed, now we add the effects that inflation is causing on the purchasing power of people and problems seasonal,” said the manager.

Lamas also indicated that despite these drawbacks, sales volumes towards the end of the year will be similar to last year.

“We are convinced that despite the economic situation we are going through, we hope that the government will support our sector which participates both in massive job creation and in contributing taxes,” he concluded.

According to the CCA report, the AMBA region, which is the one that concentrates the largest number of operations, was one of those that decreased the most in October (8.11%), ranking behind Chubut (12.74%), Tierra del Fuego (10.78%) and Santiago del Estero (8.12%).

From the opposite sidewalk, there were only four provinces that had a positive balance: Formosa (24.98%), Santa Cruz (6.36%), Catamarca (4.23%) and Corrientes (1.53%).

As for the most chosen models, these were the ones who drove in October:

1- Volkswagen goal/trend (6,871 units)

2-Chevrolet Corsa/Classic (4,251 units)

3-Toyota Hilux (3,538 units)

4-Renault Clio (2,904 units)

5-Ford Fiesta (2,629 units)

6 Ford Rangers (2,563 units)

7-Fiat Palio (2,450 units)

8-Ford Ecosport (2,302 units)

9-Ford Fire (2,288 units)

10-Renault Kangoo (2,221 units)

Source: Clarin

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