Chevrolet OnStar, what the service that takes care of the car and its occupants is and how it works

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OnStar continues to grow in Argentina. The personalized emergency, safety, navigation, diagnostics and connectivity service featured in nearly every Chevrolet model is being used by more and more users.

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As reported by Gustavo Garrastazu, OnStar sales and marketing director at General Motors, approximately 38,000 customers used the service in 2022, and hiring is on the rise.

One of the keys to this technology is that it allows you to track and geolocate your car within 24 hours anywhere in Argentina and neighboring countries, whether it is stolen or simply without remembering where it was left parked. This feature was the one with the highest demand in 2022, with 276,000 questions.

With the push of a button you can communicate with advisors who provide support in case of any eventuality.
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From the company ensure that the percentage of recovery of stolen cars in Argentina through this device is 100%.

This is one of the reasons why over 50% of customers in Argentina subscribed to this technology last year, while the cancellation rate was less than 3.5% (the lowest in South America).

“We have detected thefts while they are in progress and are calling the owner. If we know he is not in the car, we ask him to stay away and let us act. Most often we crash the vehicle in a safe location until it comes to a complete stop and there we do a general shutdown. And that’s how we recover it. Thanks to all this, we had 100% effectiveness in recovering stolen vehicles in 2022, “said Garrastazu.

There are currently four packages available, the values ​​of which range from $2,350 and $3,300 per month.

OnStar has a dedicated SOS button for emergencies.

OnStar has a dedicated SOS button for emergencies.

The important thing is safety

By simply pressing a button on the car’s central rear-view mirror, it is possible to communicate with one of the consultants available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Next to it is another red button with the SOS acronymwho after pressing it, establishes a priority connection with a specially trained team to provide support and personal help.

It should be noted that in the event of an accident and given the impossibility of giving notice, the sensors integrated in the vehicle send a notice automatically to an OnStar consultant, who uses GPS technology to locate the unit and send help.

But if the user is witness to an accident or a suspicious driver (“Good Samaritan” feature), the advisor can use GPS technology and customer-provided information to help locate the incident and contact the appropriate emergency service provider.

“OnStar offers not only the security of recovering the vehicle in the event of theft, but also the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of an emergency, the entire service chain will be dedicated to providing support from the first moment of the reported incident,” he said. said the manager.

Through the app you can open and close the doors or turn on the air conditioning remotely.  The vehicle can also be tracked.

Through the app you can open and close the doors or turn on the air conditioning remotely. The vehicle can also be tracked.

With the intercom you can also contact support services at any time who can provide solutions to technical eventualities during the journey en route.

On the other hand, OnStar offers remote functions that can be performed via an application on the mobile phone (available for IOS and Android systems).

One of the most used are the queries of technical diagnosis online of the vehicle (last year they were 176 thousand).

From your phone you can too interact with the car. For example, it is possible to lock and unlock the doors, turn on the flashing lights and the horn, locate the vehicle and remotely start the climate control in the passenger compartment (depending on the version).

From OnStar you can check the status of your vehicle and schedule a visit to the workshop.

From OnStar you can check the status of your vehicle and schedule a workshop visit.

It is also possible to have Native Wi-Fi on board. In 2022, more than 28,000 internet packages (implying consumption of over 168.3 terabytes, which would imply, for example, 4,587,520 hours of Spotify consumption) were requested by Chevrolet drivers, allowing them to connect automatically.

Through these packs of up to 20 GB (rechargeable), they allow you to connect up to seven devices simultaneously and enjoy up to 12 times the intensity and stability of connectivity. The Internet connection can also be used outside the vehicle, as it works within a range of up to 15 meters outside the vehicle.

Plans and services

The four packages available to access OnStar technology are as follows:

The native Wi-Fi service allows up to seven devices to connect simultaneously.

The native Wi-Fi service allows up to seven devices to connect simultaneously.

Standard Connect (free for 10 years): Includes Monthly Diagnostic Report, Diagnostic Alerts, Dealer Maintenance Notification, and Smart Driver Report.

To protect: Includes Emergency Services, Automatic Collision Response, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Roadside Assistance, Good Samaritan. Monthly Price: $2,800; annually, $30,800.

Connect: Includes Smart Driver, Maintenance Notifications, Remote Commands, Owner Center, MyChevrolet App. Price per month: $2,350; annually, $25,850.

Protect and connect: includes all the plans mentioned above. Monthly Price: $3,300; annually, $36,000.

Source: Clarin

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