Nissan X-Trail ePower, a hybrid SUV unlike any other

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Nissan Argentina has confirmed the arrival of new X-Trail by the end of July, the Japanese SUV that will not only become the first hybrid of the brand in our market, but due to its technology it is different from all the others.

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The fourth generation of the Nissan X-Trail was exhibited in the summer in Cariló where the automaker also presented the technology e-Poweran electrified propulsion system different from conventional ones.

The big difference is that the new X-Trail moves exclusively on electricity, but uses a heat engine to charge the battery that powers the electric drive. That’s why the X-Trail is a extended range hybrid.

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Nissan X-Trail and Potenza. It could come with a seven-seater version.

Although it is already known when the brand will arrive, it has not yet provided details on the configurations (there is a variant with three rows of seats) that this new medium SUV will have which will compete mainly with Ford Kuga, Toyota Rav4, two conventional hybrid models .

How Nissan e-Power technology works

Nissan was the first brand to introduce an all-electric car to our market: the Leaf. It is now expanding its electrified portfolio with this extended-range hybrid SUV which, despite running purely in electric mode, need a heat engine.

Unlike conventional hybrids, which, in addition to performing some steps in electric mode, have the combustion engine as their main propulsion system, e-Power technology has a different configuration because runs on electricity but it depends on a thermal propellant.

Four electrified powertrains: electric, e-Power, plug-in hybrid and conventional hybrid.

Four electrified powertrains: electric, e-Power, plug-in hybrid and conventional hybrid.

Through this innovative system developed by Nissan, the responsible for moving the wheels of the vehicle is an electric motor powered by batteries which have, in turn, a three-cylinder, turbocharged, 1.5-liter (158 HP in Europe).

The big point in favor of classic electric cars is that this technology does not require any plug or socket to recharge the battery and that the range is greater. But don’t be confused it is not an electric car. Any e-Power vehicle must refuel in order for the thermal drive to power the batteries.

The brand ensures that the driving sensations are similar to those of an electric car in terms of fluidity and progressiveness and that they also have the same function E-pedal of the Leaf, which consists in managing the advancement and braking of the vehicle using only the accelerator pedal for easier and more efficient driving in urban traffic.

Source: Clarin

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