The new Gol, the hybrid and a pick-up: what the next generation of Volkswagen cars will be like

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Volkswagen announced yesterday a mega investment initially for Brazil, which includes a total renewal of its current range, the appearance of vehicles in new segments, the electrification of regional products and the return of the most popular model in South America.

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The fact is that in the plan announced by the German brand, what they call the new Gol generation appears, the model which has sold around 8.5 million vehicles between Argentina and Brazil and which for years has led the sales rankings of both countries.

The German company announced it will invest 2,000 million dollars Four new models are produced at different plants in Brazil, including a new SUV and a compact pickup. Furthermore, hybrid technology will be introduced in Volkswagen’s regional production for the first time.

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The industrial centers that will receive investments to produce the new models are those of Taubaté, Sao José dos Pinhais and Sao Bernardo de Campo and San Carlos, which will be responsible for the manufacture of the hybrid propulsion system. These establishments are located in the states of San Pablo and Paraná.

Considering the structure of the sector in the region and the historic industrial and commercial exchange between Argentina and Brazil, it is unlikely that sooner or later these new models will reach the local market. Although there is currently no precision as to when this will happen.

Project VW246, the Gol SUV

Rumors have been circulating for a couple of years that the new Gol will become an SUV, which seems logical given current market preferences. But with the announcement of the investment by Volkswagen the picture began to brighten a little.

Volkswagen assembly line in Taubaté, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian press identifies him as the Project VW246, which will be built on the Polo platform but will be located below Nivus and T-Cross. Its launch is scheduled for early 2025 and will most likely not carry the Gol name. It will be powered by a 1.0-liter engine.

The other strong news of the announcement is the confirmation of a new pick-up for the German brand. This is a compact model that has been around for a few years and was even thought to be made in Argentina.

However, Brazil will ultimately produce this vehicle with an important difference compared to what was proposed by the initial project. Originally, the Tarok pickup prototype was based on the platform of the Taos SUV, produced in Argentina.

The design of the new pick-up should be smaller than the Volkswagen Tarok prototype (2018)The design of the new pick-up should be smaller than the Volkswagen Tarok prototype (2018)

The future truck, however, will be built on the basis of the T-Cross. Therefore, it should be closer to a Chevrolet Montana than a Fiat Toro or a Ford Maverick.

The other two new models are a mystery for now and we will have to wait for more details. What was also announced were the renewals of the Nivus and T-Cross modelsexpected from 2025.

The other strong point of the announcement was the hybrid technology that the brand will develop in Brazil and which absorbs a good part of the declared investment.

Volkswagen Brazil's investment involves the development of hybrid technology.Volkswagen Brazil’s investment involves the development of hybrid technology.

This is the development of the platform called MQB Hybrid and from which light hybrids, conventional hybrids and plug-in hybrids will emerge. And they will all run on Flex technology, which means that in Brazil these cars will be able to fill both petrol and ethanol.

The engine will be the 1.5 TSi Evo2, an evolution of the current 1.4 TSi and it is assumed that the first recipients will be the two new models announced and not yet identified, although not before 2027.

Source: Clarin

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