Kwid E-Tech, how much does the 100% electric version of the popular Renault model cost

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Renault’s advanced electric vehicle is taking shape. The French brand has set a price for the presale of the Kwid E-Techwhich was released in December last year.

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In this way, the 50 people Those who had access to the presale (it sold out in 48 hours) by paying a reservation of just 100 thousand dollars, will now have to pay $27,880,000 to be able to enjoy the 100% electric compact.

This is the electric model cheaper on the market produced by a generalist brand.

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Although this figure would be equivalent almost double than the internal combustion engine version would cost, which was discontinued in the country in 2021. Although it was one of the cheapest models on the market, as of this month there are no longer any vehicles for less than $15,000,000.

The company also announced that the model will officially launch at the end of March and that customers will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of the model Chargebox home charger20% discount on the cost of installing the charger and one year of subsidized All Risk insurance.

Together with the Kwid E-Tech, the French brand had presented two other electric models: the Megane and the Kangoo, although presales have not been announced at the moment.

The popular electric car

The Kwid E-Tech is produced in China and has a 48 kW engine (equivalent to 65 horsepower) and 113 Nm of torque, associated with a 27 kWh battery which can also be charged via a domestic socket and allows autonomy of 298 kilometers in urban cycle (265 km in mixed use).

Aesthetically it is similar to the standard version.

You can charge the battery three modes: from a domestic socket you will need it nine hours fill 15 to 80% of the battery; with a 7.4kW AC charger you will need three hours; while with a 30 kW direct current battery charger the times are shortened to 40 minutes.

Battery life can be optimized through the ECO driving mode, which limits power to 33 kW (instead of 48 kW), the maximum speed at 100 km/h and allows for more effective regenerative braking (recovers energy every time you release the accelerator and also when braking).

In terms of performance, to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h you need the Kwid E-Tech 4.1 secondswhile the maximum speed is 130 km/h.

The gear selector is circular.The gear selector is circular.

Externally the Kwid E-Tech is similar to its pair of combustion engines. Inside, the changes are more noticeable. First of all because like all electric vehicles It doesn’t have a gear leverbut three-position rotary control: Direct, Neutral and Reverse.

The other difference is in dashboard designwhose digital watches provide information on driving style and battery status.

Source: Clarin

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