Simple Installment Plan: which motorbikes can be purchased in up to 6 installments

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Several motorcycle brands have announced their membership of Cuota Simple, the national government initiative that aims to promote consumption and facilitate access to domestically manufactured products.

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The plan, already active and initially valid until May 31, 2024, offers consumers the opportunity to finance the purchase of motorcycles in 3 and 6 fixed installments with bank credit cards and at subsidized rates.

In the motorcycle category, Quota Semplice is available for those models whose suggested retail value does not exceed 1,300,000 pesos. However, there are exceptional cases that exceed this limit.

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The program presents itself as an alternative to discontinued production My motorcycle project launched in 2020 during the government of Alberto Fernández, which allowed the purchase of low-displacement domestic motorcycles (up to 150 cc.) in 48 installments.

Increases in the prices of 0km cars and public transport mean that more and more users are considering the possibility of traveling by motorbike, especially those with small engine capacity.

For the price, low maintenance costs and performance, they undoubtedly represent a convenient alternative; even more so if there are plans that can facilitate your purchase.

Corven Group

The Corven Group (formerly Iraola Group) participates in Cuota Simple with several of its brands, being the consortium with the largest participation.

Corven produces its models in the Venado Tuerto plant, Santa Fe province.

World. One of Corven’s most popular brands delivers three models which can be financed three or six interest-free installments.

  • MondialDAX70. It is the cheapest in the range and is equipped with a 70 cc, 7 HP single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, associated with a 4-speed semi-automatic gearbox. Price: $1,139,992.
  • World MD 150. This scooter features a 107cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, which offers a power of 6.5 HP. It has a 4-speed transmission and a semi-automatic clutch. The wheels are alloy, while the brakes are drum on both wheels. Price: $1,534,158.
Mondial MD 150 and MD 150 AllegroMondial MD 150 and MD 150 Allegro
  • Mondial MD 150 Allegro. It has a 150cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that delivers 8.4 HP of power and is connected to a variable speed automatic transmission. Price: $1,664,158.

In addition to Mondial, Corven participates with brands in Cuota Simple Bajaj e Kymco. In all cases, even if the models involved exceed the limit established by the plan, the financing in 3 and 6 installments reaches up to 1.3 million dollars.

Bajaj. The Indian brand represented and marketed Grupo Corven offers eleven models, of which we highlight three:

  • Boxer 150AT. This road model is the cheapest in the range. It offers a 150 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, which develops 12 HP. It has drum brakes and dual shock rear suspension. Price: $1,984,990.

Bajaj Rouser N250Bajaj Rouser N250
  • Roser NS 125. It is the second best-selling model of the brand, behind the Rouser 200. It has a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine (124.4 cc), which delivers 12 HP of power. It has front and rear disc brakes. Price: $2,457,990.
  • NS 160 TD agitator. The third model highlighted by the price. Its oil-cooled 4-stroke DTSi engine develops 15.5 hp. It has an ABS braking system and rev limiter (optional). Price: $3,222,990.

The other Bajaj models are as follows:

  • NS 200 stirrer ($4,241,990)
  • Roser NS 200 FI+ABS ($ 4,851,990)
  • Avengers Cruiser 220 ($5,049,990)
  • N 250 stirrer ($5,186,990)
  • Maestro 250 ($5,629,990)
  • Rouser RS ​​200 ($6,376,990)
  • Master 400 Tourer ($7,092,990)

Kymco. The brand specializing in scooters also enters Quota Simple with seven models:

Kymco like 200Kymco like 200
  • Agility 125 ($2,466,990)
  • Agility RS 125 Naked ($3,032,990)
  • Like 125 ($3,080,990)
  • Like 200i ($4,448,990)
  • Agility 200i ($4,649,990)
  • XTown 250i (US$6,890)
  • Downtown 350i TCS (US$10,790)

It deserves a separate paragraph Corven, the parent brand of the Group. The company has not released an official list of affected models in Simple Fee as financing depends on each retailer.

Corven offers affordable vehicles in different segments, being the Energy 110 the best-selling model of the brand.


The brand with 75 years of experience in our company is another of those that participates in the national government initiative, being able to finance all or part of the value of the unit at a fixed rate.

Zanella ZB110Zanella ZB110

The offer is varied. In the case of the segment cubthe affected models are:

  • ZB 110LT. 107 cc single-cylinder engine, 6.7 HP power and semi-automatic gearbox. It has LED lights, maintenance-free gel battery and USB port. Price: $1,100,000 (about)
  • ZB110RT. It has the same features as the ZB 110 LT, but adds the front disc brake and alloy wheels. Price: $1,200,000 (about)
  • Two Classic 110s. The 110 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine develops a power of 9 HP and is associated with a four-speed gearbox. Price: $1,050,000 (about)

Also participate in the category streetwith three models:

  • RX 150 Z7 and Z7 full. Both are equipped with a 150 cc single-cylinder engine that develops 12.7 HP of power. The gearbox is a five-speed manual. Prices: $1,150,000 AND $1,400,000 (about)
Zanella Sapucai150Zanella Sapucai150
  • Sapucai 150. It stands out from the RX for its vintage style. Price $1,360,000 (about)

In the category ON OFF Three models also participate:

  • ZR150. Equipped with a 145 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, which delivers a power of 12.3 HP. The gearbox is a five-speed manual. It has disc brakes, digital dashboard with analogue tachometer and USB port. Price: $1,400,000 (about)
  • ZR200. It has a 200 cc single-cylinder engine, which develops 14 HP and is associated with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Price $1,550,000 (about).
  • ZR250. It is the model with the largest and most powerful engine in the range (250 cc and 16.2 HP). Price: $1,700,000 (about).

Zanella also includes two models from its line in Cuota Simple Scooter:

  • Styler RS. 123 cc single-cylinder engine (8.4 HP) and automatic transmission; front (rear) disc and drum brake; LED lights and USB port. Price $1,800,000 (about).
Exclusive ZanellaExclusive Zanella
  • exclusive. It is characterized by its retro design, reminiscent of classic Italian scooters. It has a 150 cc single-cylinder engine (9.4 HP), automatic transmission and two-seater seat. Price: $2,250,000 (about).


The second best-selling brand in the country in 2023, behind Honda, belongs to Grupo La Emilia, an Argentine consortium that also represents the Suzuki, Benelli, Sym, Keeway and Teknial brands.

Motomel B110.Motomel B110.

Within the Simple Tariff, Motomel offers six models of the lucky urban line.

  • Start Blitz 110 ($1,049,000)
  • DLX110 Deluxe ($1,070,000)
  • Blitz 110 complete ($1,105,000)
  • Blitz 110 automatic ($1,105,000)
  • Blitz 110 Plus ($1,225,000)
  • Blitz 110 tuning ($1,299,000).

Source: Clarin

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