Defective airbags: which are the most popular Chevrolet models that absolutely must go to the workshop

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Chevrolet has launched a new appeal campaign for users who have not yet come forward to replace the airbag module located on the steering wheel, which may be faulty.

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This new announcement is for model owners Crossproduced between June 2009 and December 2015; trackers, produced between December 2012 and June 2018; AND Sonicfrom October 2011 to July 2016.

In its press release, the car manufacturer underlines how essential and urgent it is to go to the workshop because, in the event of an accident, the activation of the airbag could cause inflator failure.

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This situation would cause dispersion of metal fragmentscausing material damage, serious physical injury or even death to the driver and occupants of the vehicle.

In the case of the Cruze, models sold between 2010 and 2016 must go to the official workshop.

The models Cross Affected by the recall are those falling within the following chassis numbers: KL1PJ5D54AK515871 to KL1PJ6E57GK328380.

In case of trackersthe tender is aimed at vehicles whose chassis falls within the following numbering: 3GNCJ8CEXDL154537 to 3GNDJ8CE8JL415292.

While in the Sonic There are two lots, the first with chassis numbers KL1JM6EE7CB042195 to KL1JJ5DE2GB749506and the second between 3G1J86ECXES528267 and 3G1J85EC4GS521411.

A campaign that repeats itself

This call from Chevrolet is a further episode of the prestigious Takata Case case, the company of Japanese origin which at the time was the largest supplier of airbags in the world and which ended with the largest recall known to the sector, with more than 100 million vehicles affected all over the planet.

Excessive inflation pressure could cause the airbag inflator to rupture and metal pieces to be projected into the passenger compartment. Excessive inflation pressure could cause the airbag inflator to rupture and metal pieces to be projected into the passenger compartment.

Chevrolet started this recall campaign in 2020. In that first recall, an estimated 90,308 affected units of the model were affected. classic and another 8,450 from Celtic.

And it strengthened it last year, even rewarding users who showed up to carry out the relevant check in cash.

“This new call to replace faulty Takata airbags is a free and absolutely necessary service to avoid putting the lives of drivers and car occupants at risk. We therefore remind all customers who own these vehicle models within the specified year and chassis number range, regardless of whether or not they have received an after-sales letter regarding this issue, to call our call center or visit our page to book a shift immediately. , online and for free,” said Pedro Arleo, Senior Aftersales Manager of General Motors Argentina.

Replacement of the airbag will not represent no cost for customers and the estimated time for carrying out the task in the official reseller network is about 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, owners of these units can get advice through the Chevrolet Customer Service Center (800-888-2438) or on the official website

Source: Clarin

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