Contact with Fiat Titano: how the medium pick-up that could be national fares

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Fiat Last week it officially presented its medium-sized truck Titano, which for the moment will be sold on the Brazilian market but which has possibility of being produced in Argentina.

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Preview, Clarion was able to test this model which is currently assembled in Uruguay and which represents an important type of vehicle for this part of the world.

Just to give an example, the medium truckslike the Toyota Hilux or the Ford Ranger, in Argentina they represent just over 24% of the market, while in Brazil this share reaches 18%.

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The Italian brand today exercises a strong leadership in the neighboring country, as 43% of the trucks (of all sizes) sold are concentrated there: out of 10 sold, just over 4 are Fiat. Even if this vanguard is practiced with smaller vehicles.

THE Street, a small truck, is the most chosen in the total market in Brazil and is followed by the Toro, a compact truck which is also a leader in its segment. But so far it had no representation in the most important category in the entire region, that of medium-sized apartments.

When we talk about medium pickups we are talking about models designed for hard work, which is why they are built on a frame with cross members, which gives them strength and resistance.

The new Fiat Titano in action.

But these trucks have also evolved towards comfort and safety with comfort levels that have convinced many to be taken as a family vehicle. Is the Titan on par with the historic Pickcups in the segment?

French-Chinese origin

To know the origin of this Titan we have to go back to 2017, when Peugeot reached an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer Changan to produce a medium-sized pickup truck. This is how the Landtrek pickup from the lion brand was born.

Four years later it was created Stellantis, the conglomerate that brings together the Fiat, Peugeot, Jeep, Citroën, DS and RAM brands in our region. It was there that the Italian company saw the opportunity to have a new model that would expand its truck offering.

Peugeot Land Trek.Peugeot Land Trek.

Using the basis of the Landtrek, which delayed its arrival in the Argentine market, Fiat made some changes to the suspension to present his truck on Brazilian soil.

In general terms, the Titan’s styling is very attractive. It’s not the largest truck in the class in every dimension, but it surpasses one or the other to some extent. And for this He looks wide, strong and very well standing..

The Titan will be offered in Brazil only with a double cab body style. The new vehicle measures 5,330 mm long, 1,963 mm wide, 1,897 mm high (with roof bars) and 3,180 mm between the axles.

The Fiat Titano is one of the largest in its category.The Fiat Titano is one of the largest in its category.

It weighs 2,150 kilos and has one of the largest payload capacities, with 1,020 and a towing capacity of 3,500 kilos. Furthermore, it has the largest cargo box in the segment (1,630 mm x 1,600 mm).

Comes with a turbodiesel engine (Peugeot sourced) 2.2 liters, with 180 horsepower and up to 400 Nm of torque. It can be supplied with automatic or manual gearbox, both with 6 speeds. They are all also 4×4, with a plug-in system with transfer case and rear differential lock.

In the neighboring country it is offered in three levels of equipment: Endurance (which can be manual or automatic), Volcano and Ranch (there are two, only with automatic transmission). Clarion tried the intermediate version of the range.

Ranch version of the Fiat Titano, with running boards, roof bars and San Antonio on the bed.Ranch version of the Fiat Titano, with running boards, roof bars and San Antonio on the bed.

How’s the new Titan doing?

The choice of the Fiat Titano test drive was not random and demonstrated the brand’s intentions. The state of Mato Grosso, in the central-western part of the country, is, on average, the one that buys the most pickup trucks in Brazil (27% compared to 18% of the national average). Its economy supported by agricultural activity justifies this relationship.

Its capital, Cuiabá, is also known as “Cuiabrasa”, due to the high temperatures that are recorded throughout the year. The harsh environment of the Chapada de Guimaraes ended up creating challenging conditions for testing Fiat’s midsize truck.

The first stretch is on the road, on a strip of asphalt in relatively good condition. However, we immediately noticed a suspension tuning designed for harsh punishment, as it turned out to be a bit bouncy. It’s true that we didn’t have a load in the garage, which would have reduced this effect, but in any case he showed a more marked reaction than his competitors.

The response of the Fiat Titano on hard surfaces was the best.The response of the Fiat Titano on hard surfaces was the best.

We also noticed a vibration in the steering, something other colleagues also noted. But after checking, we noticed that the test unit had tires full of mud and this may have been the reason for the imbalance.

Against the prejudices that might have been held previously, since it has a less powerful engine than the more powerful versions of its rivals, the engine of the Titan responds energetically when required. On the road, for example, it is more than sufficient to overtake safely. The box meets every need.

It is off the asphalt that left us with the best sensations. Driving on rough roads or with a lot of fine sand did not affect the safety this truck offers. So much so that during the tour they suggested on several occasions to do it with the 4×4 hooked up. However, the unit that succeeded Clarion It was always in 4×2 and without any big surprises.

Interior of the Fiat Titano Ranch.Interior of the Fiat Titano Ranch.

Where the all-wheel drive was to be connected, and even the “low” one, was on a test track specially designed for the test, with “violent” intersections and steep slopes that made easily overcome.

Inside, comparisons with the Landtrek are inevitable, especially since it hasn’t undergone major changes: even the style of the button panel on the center console is the one used by the French brand in many of its models.

The materials used in the dashboard and doors are all rigid and with a quality that can improve. Something similar happens with some finishes and inserts, which show evolving details.

Useful 180° camera on the right side of the Fiat Titano.Useful 180° camera on the right side of the Fiat Titano.

The Titan’s driving position is very good, thanks to the height and depth adjustment of the steering and the wide freedom of movement of the seat. Added to this is a driver-oriented center console, which defines a more car-like appearance.

Rear seat space is average for the class, but with a small advantage in width. The lack of additional storage compartments is felt, especially in the central console.

The equipment is good but not great. The most notable element is a camera with 180° view which shows the entire right side of the vehicle, i.e. the one opposite the driver. Compared to other trucks, it lacks some driver assistance systems, as it only offers lane change warning and hill descent control.

Peugeot is present on the central console of the Fiat Titano.Peugeot is present on the central console of the Fiat Titano.

Future of national production?

The Fiat Titano is assembled in Uruguay, at the Nordex complex, where the imported parts arrive for assembly. But the question surrounding this project is whether the vehicle will end up being located in the region. As long as it is produced in Mercosur.

The loudest voice is this It will be produced in Córdoba, in the Fiat plant, in Ferreyra. These versions come both from automotive industry suppliers and from unions in the Mediterranean province and from the Brazilian press.

The possibility of this model being produced in Argentina is logical given the ecosystem that exists in the country to produce this type of vehicle. The Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Frontier and Renault Alaskan are currently produced in Córdoba.

The Fiat Titano easily passed the test requirements.The Fiat Titano easily passed the test requirements.

The size that a production plant can have compared to the company that assembles in Uruguay also raises doubts. In Brazil alone, Fiat, the best-selling brand in the country, has more than 500 retailers. Therefore, smooth trading would require a large number of units.

On the other hand, what is also not confirmed is whether the Titan will actually be sold in Argentina or whether that presence in the medium pick-up segment of the Stellantis Group will be entrusted to the Peugeot Landtrek. In any case, the chances that this pickup is produced in-house are high.

In Brazil the Fiat Titano has a price that varies from 219,990 (approximately $44,000) up to 259,990 real (US$52,000). While there the range of the Toyota Hilux goes from 242,590 (48,500 dollars) to 334,890 (67,000 dollars) and that of the Ford Ranger goes from 234,990 (47,000 dollars) to 349,990 (70,000 dollars).

It only remains to know what Fiat Titano's relationship with the Argentine automotive sector will be.It only remains to know what Fiat Titano’s relationship with the Argentine automotive sector will be.

It is clear that it will first of all try to take advantage of a more accessible price compared to the competition, which is logical given that it does not have a tradition in the category. The robustness and robustness shown initially will surprise more than one.

Time will tell whether the reliability and after-sales service of such a vehicle live up to a pickup owner’s expectations. It will certainly be the same period in which we will need to finally know the scope of this project and what its relationship with Argentina will be.

Source: Clarin

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