For the CEO of BMW in the region, “Europe and Germany are watching what is happening in Argentina”

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“Globally, Argentina is in the spotlight now.” The phrase belongs to Reiner BraunPresident and CEO of BMW Group Latin America, who visited the country for the local premiere of the new design concept that the brand uses in its dealerships around the world and which debuts in the city of Buenos Aires.

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When questioned about the current economic situation of the country, the executive expressed that “Argentina has everything to have a strong and successful economy. The resources are there, there are renewable energies everywhere, there are very well-trained and hard-working people There is also interest in investments from abroad and this is why we are betting on the Argentine market.”

Braun, who visited our country for the third time in the last two years, clarified however that this development “will not happen overnight, but the country is now the place where a transformation begins, there is a possibility of changing things. Germany and Europe are watching what is happening here. “It’s a country with a lot of real potential.”

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BMW has been continuously present on the local market for 45 years, operating first as an importer for José Janeiro Figueroa, since 1979, and then as a direct German subsidiary, since 2000.

The Monaco brand was the one that excelled among premium cars in 2022 in Argentina. However, it is a segment that is still very small compared to other markets in the worldeven below the Latin American average.

New BMW AutoPremier dealership, in Puerto Madero.

Braun explained that the luxury car market in Latin America “is on average 2.6%. In Argentina it is 1%. Therefore, with a normal economy, we see room to grow at these values.”

Prices, taxes and imports

Compared to the local peculiarities of the market, Ivana DeptCEO of BMW Group Argentina, considered it “The tax rate is very high. and we see no indication that this will change.” However, he clarified that “the government is taking different measures and perhaps it is a very early stage in addressing this problem”.

The possibility of being able to import vehicles without restrictions is considered a very positive aspect for BMW: “today we can import freely, without problems. This also allows us to expand the range of the offer. Even if in recent years we have maintained our business, now we have the possibility to further expand the range.”

New BMW X2, one of the brand's novelties for this year in the local market.New BMW X2, one of the brand’s novelties for this year in the local market.

However, he anticipated that “we don’t see that this year there will be a boom in imports, because there are also market problems and we don’t see growth. But still we see excellent opportunitiesthat’s why we will bring many new features.”

Dip also referred to the debt they have with suppliers abroad, and assured that “there is a defined payment scheme and we are reducing it. Today we can work with a certain predictability”.

New for 2024

Among the vehicles that the German brand will present on our market this year, the new generation of x2the compact sports SUV just presented worldwide.

Furthermore, the company will continue its expansion in the field of electric mobility with the launch of the first 100% electric BMW in Argentina, although it has not yet been confirmed which model it is. Also awaited is the arrival of the new M3, the expansion of the offer of the X range (the brand’s SUVs) and other news for Mini and the motorcycle division.

There will also be news in terms of connectivity for users of the brand, given that by the middle of the year “an app will be available that allows interaction with the vehicle, such as remote activations. As regards safety , offers an emergency call. And the customer can also be notified if an emergency is coming. service or if there is any alarm in your vehicle,” the Dept. explained.

New dealership in Puerto Madero

Reiner Braun, together with Dalmiro Lufe and Alexis Sabbag, from AutoPremier.Reiner Braun, together with Dalmiro Lufe and Alexis Sabbag, from AutoPremier.

The dealer Automatic premiere inaugurated a new branch located in Pierina Dealessi 1770, in Puerto Madero. He is the first to incorporate the concept Retail Next of the brand which, as explained in a press release, “is totally focused on the customer experience”.

Among the differences compared to the style used until now, the new showroom, located in one of the most exclusive areas of Argentina, is based on a renewed design and includes new services, processes and digital tools to offer customers.

It has a total area of ​​554 m2 and in its living room the main innovations of the BMW brand are displayed. It also has 10 courtesy parking spaces with private surveillance (one of them offers “incognito mode”, to enter the room directly from the basement) and “several spaces designed with their own identity that coexist with each other, such as the new bars the areas, roomdelivery and display room for clothing and accessories from the BMW Lifestyle collection”.

Source: Clarin

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