Dreams come true: the story of Andrea and Luciana, the only Volvo Truck instructors in the world

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Gender equality and diversity are still challenges to overcome in the world of work and the automotive industry is no exception. Currently, according to data provided by the National Agency for Road Safety (ANSV), less than 1% of National Interjurisdictional Transport Licenses (LiNTI) are held by women.

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Added to these data are those provided at the end of 2021 by the Nation’s Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, which warns that of the 310,644 jobs in the land transport sector, only 7% (20,666) are women.

This sector includes urban and extra-urban car transport services for goods and animals; automobile transport of passengers; and other transportation services such as school, freight and removals.

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In particular, the freight sector has traditionally been dominated by men. However, in the midst of this panorama two Latin American women emerge: Andrea Paredesin Argentina e Luciana Carneiroin Brazil, the instructors only of trucks operating on Volvo globally.

The Volvo Group, one of the pioneers in promoting gender equality and diversity since 1943, has set ambitious goals to achieve a more balanced workforce: by 2040, the fifty% of its staff of collaborators is made up women.

Heavy inheritance

Luciana and Andrea’s stories stand out not only as inspiring examples of self-improvement and dedication in a predominantly male environment, but also exemplify the convergence of three core values ​​for Volvo: inclusion and diversity, efficient and safe driving, and training.

Luciana and Andrea are two examples of improvement and dedication.

With a career spanning almost seven years at Volvo, Andrea Paredes He discovered his passion for trucks at an early age, influenced by his father, also a truck driver.

Since joining Volvo in 2017, Andrea has seen first-hand how gender does not determine treatment within the company: “I have a colleague with whom I share trips, training and meetings, and the tasks are distributed equally, having a between peers that develops normally.

For his part, Luciana Carneirowith extensive experience in the field of logistics and workplace safety, she discovered her passion for trucks since she was a child: “I have always been fascinated by large vehicles. I learned to drive with a truck that my father had And my brother always loved it. “They were passionate about Volvo trucks and that rubbed off on me and my father. We were mechanics on the weekends and liked cars and engines. We went to truck races when they were in town. From then on this love began. “.

After a year and seven months spent at Volvo, Luciana also remembers how she ended up behind the wheel of a truck: “I needed a license to drive trucks, because I had to take a safety course with those units. That’s where it started. There, as we say in Brazil, it was ‘low hill.’ It never stopped.”

Andrea Paredes has been working at Volvo Trucks since 2017.Andrea Paredes has been working at Volvo Trucks since 2017.

“For me, being an instructor at Volvo is a A dream come true, it took me 10 years to get this position. The brand values ​​are in line with mine, so it’s something fluid and gives me a lot of peace of mind to do the necessary work,” explains Luciana.

Paredes, for her part, encourages women to follow their passions and overcome obstacles: “I would tell women that the important thing is to do what they want, what they are passionate about, because when you pursue that goal the obstacles or challenges become minor. It doesn’t matter if there are no women in what they want to do or if it costs them a little more to reach their goal; “There has always been a pioneer who led the way and today we must be the forerunners of the women of the future.”

Carneiro, for his part, underlines the importance of perseverance and concentration: “Don’t be afraid, prepare yourself, know the routine, the challenges. Never give up. With concentration and objective we always achieve what we want. Be honest and sincere and everything will come in due time.”

Both agree on the importance of promoting safety and efficiency in driving. Andrea underlines: “As an instructor I feel that we transmit the values ​​of safety and efficiency in transport every time we carry out our instruction courses. The aim is for the driver to apply these principles while driving.”

It took Luciana Carneiro 10 years to get the job of driving instructor. It took Luciana Carneiro 10 years to get the job of driving instructor.

Luciana completes this point by highlighting the need to apply knowledge in practice: “The main idea when training someone to drive a truck is the practical application of all the knowledge covered in the course, i.e. that the driver always achieves efficient and safe results driving using all the technology our vehicles have.”

Regarding the evolution of the role of women in the sector, Andrea states: “Yes, the evolution of the role of women in this sector is evident. We have already reached high positions, such as Luce Elena Jurado (President of Volvo Trucks and Buses Argentina).”

Luciana supports this idea, noting: “Definitely. Every day women are increasingly present in industries. Their profiles are excellent for everyday industrial use. They are strategists and challengers. Everything we need to change and innovate.”

Despite the challenges that women still face in the automotive industry, both in Brazil and Argentina, Luciana and Andrea are living examples of how determination and commitment can overcome gender barriers.

Source: Clarin

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