Collapse of car sales: strong recovery of imported cars, which were the 10 best-selling in March

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The 0 km car market still shows no recovery. After the worst January in the last 20 years and a February that was also down, Maze also closed with a sharp decline, despite the strong promotions and financing alternatives recently launched by the brands.

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The number of patented vehicles in the third month of 2024 amounts to 25,294 units, which represents a drop of 37% compared to March last year, when 39,875 units were registered.

If we compare with February this year, we observe an increase of 1% compared to last month in which 25,052 units were registered, according to the Association of Automobile Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA).

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The peculiarity of this month is that the patent count closed several days early because the registers will remain closed until the beginning of April, due to the extra long weekend. In any case, the working days recorded are equivalent to those of February (19).

In this way, in the accumulated three months of the year, 84,261 units were patented, which represents 30% less than the same period in 2023in which 120,744 vehicles had been registered.

The Peugeot 208 remains the second most chosen model in the country.

These results do nothing but increase the crisis that the sector is going through, which is already starting to show some suspensions, voluntary retirements and layoffs in some factories located in the country.

New market but with positive aspects

For the president of ACARA, Sebastián Beato “these data clearly indicate this we have a new marketof supply, in which dealers must go in search of customers who have had a deterioration in their purchasing power”.

However, “there are some positive aspects that give us the idea that the trend could start to change in the short term. They are the stability of exchange rates, the appearance of convenient financing lines from terminals and some banks, which we have been working and asking for months, and the slowdown in inflation”, he explained.

For the number one of the institution “these are very relevant issues for a business like ours and if they are consolidated we expect months of reactivation and also growth of patents and activity in our offices”.

The imported ones are recovered

The Toyota Yaris, made in Brazil, was the third best-seller of March.The Toyota Yaris, made in Brazil, was the third best-seller of March.

When counting by brand, Toyota was the big winner of the month that ends, with a total of 6,068 units. They follow, a couple of steps further back, Volkswagen (3,476) and Fiat (3,193). Completing the top ten are the brands Peugeot (2,232), Renault (2,209), Ford (1,913), Chevrolet (1,045), Jeep (919), Nissan (908) and Citroën (806).

The clear trend shown in March was also the recovery of the market share of imported models They represented 48% of patents. The last time a similar percentage occurred was in July 2021.

It should be remembered that last September the domestic/imported ratio was between 78% and 22%, due to import restrictions.

The 10 best-selling models of March

  1. Fiat Crono: 2,105
  2. Peugeot 208: 1,951
  3. Toyota Yaris: 1,816
  4. Toyota Hilux: 1,441
  5. Ford Ranger: 1,305
  6. Toyota corolla cross: 1,077
  7. Toyota Corolla: 1,069
  8. Volkswagen Amarok: 876
  9. Volkswagen Polo: 781
  10. Volkswagen Tao: 746

Source: Clarin

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