Fire in a BMW on July 9: why a car can catch fire

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The firefighters put out the fire in the BMW that burned down on 9 de Julio.

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The images of the BMW set on fire in the middle of Viale 9 de Julio generate a strong impact, not only because of the great flames that enveloped it, but also because it is a very expensive vehicle.

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The model that suffered the fire is an M5, a luxury sedan that has special factory preparation to deliver great sporting performance.

Its list price is 0 km, if you get it today from a dealer, around between 250 and 280 thousand dollars.

State where BMW was left on fire on July 9th.

State where BMW was left on fire on July 9th.

According to the official report, the driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident was Norberto Hugo Ochoa, unharmed. Clarione was able to find out who the shot belongs to Banco Credicoop Limited Cooperative.

The truth is that it is striking and it is not common to see a car on fire, much less a model of a luxury brand like the German company.

And although the company had made several appeals for review for possible fire risk, that alert corresponded to older models (up to 2013) and signaled a potential problem with a breather valve in the engine area and in this case the flames appear to be come from the back.

Indeed, after the work of the fire brigade, who quickly extinguish the fireit can be seen that the front area appears intact, with all the plastic covers covering the engine in impeccable condition.

Ochoa, in his testimony, stated that during the ride on the highway he passed a cardboard that was on the track and they hooked themselves at the height of the exhaust pipe. Due to the high temperature, the fire would have broken out.

Possible causes

Although in this case it is not clear what caused the fire in the BMW, the most common causes when a vehicle catches fire are various but almost always the same.

In general, the onset of a fire in a car is often not due to a single reason, but can be caused by a number of factors. A fuel leak combined with the poor state of the electrical system is sufficient to ignite the flames.

The engine compartment of the BMW that caught fire on July 9 showed no burns.

The engine compartment of the BMW that caught fire on July 9 showed no burns.

The most common of all has to do with a detachment of a hose or a leak in the fuel circuit. If so, the gasoline vapor begins to burn.

The position of the fuel tank in a car is under and behind the rear seats In most cases.

It is good to clarify that gasoline as a liquid does not ignite, but evaporates very easily and it is these vapors that can burn quickly. That is why if there is a leak, the smallest spark or even a hot part can start the combustion.

The fuel tanks are equipped with safety valves that prevent the heat of a possible fire from rapidly evaporating the gasoline, almost completely eliminating the possibility of the tank exploding due to excess pressure.

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