A small city car Suzuki Swift Sport flashed at 240 km / h by the gendarmes

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Last weekend, the Indre-et-Loire gendarmes intercepted two vehicles at 240 km/h on the motorway. A Ranger Rover SVR… and a Suzuki Swift Sport that on paper cannot exceed 210 km/h.

It was a school holiday weekend still busy on the roads of France. But obviously not for everyone, as the Indre-et-Loire gendarmes intercepted two vehicles traveling at 240 km/h, or 110 km/h more than the current speed limit on the motorway.

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Immediate withdrawal of the license for the two drivers traveling on the A10 motorway in the Bordeaux-Paris direction, near Monnaie, just after Tours, specifies France Bleu, referring to the Facebook post of the Indre-et-Loire gendarmerie .

“The Formula 1 season is in full swing”

With such speed measured with binoculars, the gendarmes ironically about “the Formula 1 season that is in full swing” and the passage imposed on “PitLane” for the two drivers.

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The gendarmes also detail the profile of the drivers, both residents of the Parisian region, and of the two offending vehicles. The first, 57 years old, was driving a Ranger Rover Sport SVR, a model equipped with a 575 horsepower V8 and capable of reaching 280 km/h.

But, much more surprisingly, the second pilot, 27 years old, achieved this “performance” behind the wheel of a Suzuki Swift Sport. The most dynamic version of the small Japanese city car, however, has little to do with a racing beast: its small 1.4-liter micro-hybrid 4-cylinder engine develops 129 horsepower and above all has an official top speed of .. 210 km/h. The official brochure even specifies “maximum speed (in circuit)”, a detail that the driver had surely missed.

In comments to the gendarmerie post, the theories go well to explain this rarity; some do not hesitate to question the reliability of the radar. “It must have gotten caught under the front bumper of the Range,” jokes one surfer. Another confesses: “I took 220 with a 2012 Swift Sport, so things are getting done.” Undoubtedly with a reprogramming of the engine, which allows to increase performance and raise the electronic flange.

What sorrows?

Probably useless precision, but it will be remembered that no vehicle, whatever its performance, is exempt from respecting speed limits.

For our speeding drivers (greater than or equal to 50 km/h), in addition to the withdrawal of the license, a court summons, which can lead to a 3-year suspension, the confiscation of the vehicle placed on the pound and a fine of 1500 euros. The penalties are tougher in case of recidivism, according to the road safety site.

Author: Julien Bonnet

Source: BFM TV

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