Imports in September totaled $ 7.1 billion, 20% more than last year

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Despite severe restrictions and a significant slowdown in energy purchasesimports totaled $ 7.1 billion in September, 20% more than last year. In this way, the pace was kept at “record” levels – higher those of the last 10 years-, according to the projections of the economic team, which reflects the pressures that persist on reserves in a “tight” scenario, as Minister Sergio Massa acknowledged on Monday.

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Official estimates are known on the eve of changes prepared by the Ministry of Economy in import regime manage the dollars facing the last three months of the year, the period in which a less currency supply in the midst of drought affecting the fine grain crop and record export clearance of $ 8.1 billion for the “soy dollar”.

Compared to the last few months, however, the amount of external purchases in terms of CIF (real value of the goods being cleared) reveals a diminish in line with the tightening of payment controls by the Central Bank since the end of June, before the resignation of Martín Guzmán. That month they imported more than 8.6 billion dollars; in July, 8.2 billion dollars; and in August, $ 7.8 billion.

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The biggest change in September was in import of fuelsan object that has reached 520 million dollarsyes a 60% less compared to the previous month. While most of the demand has been concentrated in the intermediate goods or inputs for industry. These remained at the same level as in August, approximately $ 2.9 billion and represented a 40% volume of total purchases.

The capital goodsmeanwhile, consumed $ 1.2 billion, below the August level, e parts and accessories added 1.5 billion dollars, the highest volume of the last year. The lack of supplies, spare parts and machinery he called for a meeting last month between the government and industrialists, who are calling for “flexibility” in stocks after the decline in manufacturing activity in July.

The consumer goodsinstead, it remained in the minimum last year, with an expense of 780 million dollars, just over 10% of the total. The highest share of final goods out of the total was recorded in March, with 12% of foreign currency destined for import. That object, however, remained in the sights of the authorities.

This Tuesday the announcement of a new scheme with great obstacles for a list of fare positions.

the turnstile it will be added to that of the BCRAwhich at the beginning of last month extended the obligation to finance 180 days of import above the expected ceiling, provision in force since March and expired on 30 September. Thus, most of the companies that want to bring goods into the country they have to get their own dollars pay suppliers, which generates more uncertainty in the sector starting in October.

The head of customs, Guillermo Mitchel, and that of the Central, Miguel Pesce, met last month to analyze the patterns of behavior in imports. One of the open fronts is bilateral trade with Brazilwhich in September produced a negative balance of US $ 244 millionfor the greater growth of imports compared to exports, according to Ecolatina.

Source: Clarin

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