Retirements of teachers and Luz y Fuerza will be adjusted every three months so as not to lose so much against inflation

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Starting next January, to limit the consequences of the very high inflation, the pensions of university and non-university teachers and workers of Luz y Fuerza They will be adjusted quarterly and not half-yearly, as has been the case up to now, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations of these three special regimes.

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This was announced on Friday by President Alberto Fernández, together with the Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, and the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, surrounded by teacher unionists. The Government will disseminate the related laws in the coming days.

Those retirees and retirees will have so 4 adjustments per year Like their peers in the general regime, a claim that the trade unions of these businesses had made.

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The ad reaches more than 9,600 retired university professors, some 170,000 retired national teachers and approx 36,000 pensioners of Luz y Fuerza. And “it is implemented with the aim of maintaining the value of retirement benefits in these sectors, and also of homogenizing the months and frequency in which they are updated, in line with those of the general pension system”, as reported by the Casa Rosa.

Despite the measure slows down the actual loss of assets of this group of pensioners, it does not prevent them from deteriorating, as in the case of the 8.4 million pensioners and pensioners whose assets are adjusted every 3 months.

It is that, like all pensioners and pensioners, these schemes they have no guarantee against inflation. They have their own mobility, since they adjust their wages to the evolution of the wages of active workers who, having suffered a very sharp decline in the face of rising prices, impaired goods and to a greater extent for the 6 months between increase and increase.

Furthermore, the increases that will be applied starting from January 2023 will be calculated on the assets they have had a real loss of 35/40% in the last 5 years, how there is no repair or extraordinary increase which compensates for the deterioration of those years and lays the foundations on which future increases will be applied.

Source: Clarin

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