ANSES when to charge: the payment schedule for this November 9th

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East Wednesday 9 Novemberthe National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will continue with its payment schedule, intended for all Universal Child Allowance (AUH), Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) recipients, retirees, retirees and Alimentar y Progresar program beneficiaries.

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In addition, the last installment of the bonus up to 7,000 pesos will be paid for those who charge a single income and up to 4,000 pesos for those who charge two, while the 45,000 pesos bonus for the poor announced by the Minister of Economy will also take effect. . Serge Massa in mid-October, which will be paid in two monthly installments of 22,500 pesos starting from November 14th.

In November, the ANSI of 50,000 pesos which will be divided into three payments of approximately 16,500 pesos until the last month of the year. In addition, with the 21% increase in the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary (SMVM) in three installments (October, November and December) by 7%, several programs, such as the Power to Work and Accompanying Program, will also increase. Likewise, IDs ending in 0 and 1 have the option to receive the Baby and Maternity Allowance.

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According to the calendar of ANSIon this day all the beneficiaries of the allowances for marriage, adoption and birth will continue to collect the second fortnight until November 14 and then the possibility will open to charge all terminations of the DNI until December 12.

While the people who charge the Universal child allowance (AUH) with termination 1 in the document will also receive payment. In addition, they can access the payment of terminations of the DNI 2 and 3 and who receive the Non-contributory Pension (PNC), as well as retirements and pensions with termination 1 in the DNI.

Pensions and pensions: when do I collect this November 2022 with the 15.53% increase?

payments for retirements Y pensions will be divided in two: those who do not exceed 48,729 pesos – who will also have the last bonus of 7,000 pesos, decreased to 4,000 pesos in December – will do so between 8 and 22 November, while those who collect more than 48,729 pesos must go between 23 and 29 November.

Thereafter, the days of retirement and pension collection that do not exceed the minimum credit of $ 48,729 based on completion of the DNI:

  • DNI ended at 0: 8 November.
  • DNI ended at 1: 9 November.
  • DNI ended at 2: 10 November.
  • DNI ended at 3: 11 November.
  • DNI ended at 4: 14 November.
  • DNI ended at 5:15 am November.
  • DNI ended at 6:16 am November.
  • DNI ended at 7: 17 November.
  • DNI ended at 8:18 November.
  • DNI ended at 9: 22 November.

Universal child allowance: when do I collect this November 2022 with the 15.53% increase?

The people who charge Universal child allowance of the ANSI They will do so by category and are set as follows: AUH with a son or daughter under the age of 14 or disabled will charge $ 9,000; with two sons or daughters under the age of 14 or disabled, $ 13,500 will be charged; and with three or more sons or daughters under the age of 14 or disabled, $ 18,000 will be charged.

Furthermore, the Connectivity Program in the Popular Neighborhoods is still in force, which allows access to the Internet, through Enacom and free of charge, to those who collect this credit.

Single allowance: marriage, adoption and birth: when do I collect this November 2022 with the 15.53% increase?

All the resolutions of the DNI of the beneficiaries of the Allowances for marriage, adoption and birth will be able to continue with the collection of the second fortnight (from 6 October to 14 November), although from 7 November the possibility of charging all the DNI resolutions up to 12 December will be open.

PNC family allowances: when will I be paid this November 2022 with the 15.53% increase?

For their part, all DNI terminations can charge the PNC family allowances from 12 October to 14 November. In between, the new calendar will begin to rule: all document resolutions can be charged between November 8 and December 12.

Prenatal and maternity allowance: when do I collect this November 2022 with the 15.53% increase?

Thereafter, the collection days based on the completion of the DNI:

  • DNI ending with 0 and 1: Wednesday 9 November.
  • DNI completed in 2 and 3: Thursday 10 November.
  • DNI completed in 4 and 5: Friday 11 November.
  • DNI completed on 6 and 7: Monday November 14th.
  • DNI finished in 8 and 9: Tuesday November 15th.

Source: Clarin

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