Countdown to introduce candidates to chair the IDB: who has more chances

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Friday is the last day that countries can register their candidate in rush to chair the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), after the dismissal of the American Mauricio Claver Carone.

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the choice is scheduled for November 20, in the framework of the summit of governors in Washington. Governors are usually the finance ministers or other high authorities of the 48 member countries,

So far, the strongest candidate, nominated by Jair Bolsonaro, is The Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn the IMF’s Western Hemisphere head, and the man who oversees the organization’s program with Argentina, who has already taken leave of Fund functions to apply for the position. Lula da Silvathe newly elected president of the neighboring country would not question his candidacy, so his chances would remain.

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The second among the favorites is Chilean Nicolas Izaguirre, former finance minister and also former director for the Western Hemisphere of the Fund. The Mexican follows Alicia Barcena (former head of ECLAC).

For Ecuador it rang Augustus of the Towerwho was chief economist for Latin America at the World Bank and Costa Rica, spoke in favor of its former president, Laura Chinchilla,

Economy Minister Sergio Massa wanted Argentina and Brazil to present a consensus candidate. Neither country has ever had a president at the IDB. But Bolsonaro went ahead with Goldfajn’s candidacy.

Now, even the very name of Massa began to haunt in the United States. According to what was published by the Bloomberg news agency, on a recent trip to Buenos Aires, US senators discussed with the leader of the Renovating Front the possibility that he could run for the leadership of the IDB.

From the environment of Massa they said that the IDB was discussed at that meeting but not candidates and who the official is face economic problems from the country. Especially if the IDB elections are in November. At one point, the government said it would try to postpone the IDB elections until January, trying to negotiate a consensus candidate with Lula, who has not yet taken office.

To be elected, the candidate must obtain a majority of the voting powers of the member states. Voting power varies according to the number of shares held by each country. The winning candidate must also have the support of at least 15 of the 28 regional countries.

The United States is one of the most important countries in the elections, with 30% from the IDB. Initially it was thought that he would promote the Costa Rican candidate, but in the end he would prefer to leave the post to a large Latin American country.

Argentina and Brazil have 11.354% each and are the two largest members, after the United States, Mexico is the fourth, with 7,299%.

After the official nominations, which will take place on Friday, there will be a virtual plenary session on November 13 in which the governors who have submitted the nominations will present their candidate. Each candidate will then make a presentation to governors, who will have the opportunity to ask questions. And 20 will be the vote.

Mauricio Claver Carone, the first American-born IDB president, was removed from his post in September by the Board of Directors for having an affair with a colleague whose salary was increased by 40%. Immediately the race was launched for the coveted position that would now return to a Latin American, as the lore that Claver, a dolphin of former President Donald Trump, had broken.

Source: Clarin

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