What will the new commercial and gastronomic center look like under the tracks of the Miter Viaduct?

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With a thematic restaurant, in homage to Diego Maradona, a new real estate project has been formally launched which will have commercial and gastronomic offices in the city of Buenos Aires. ORYesterday 40 brands received the keys to their shops.

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The investment -of about 36 million dollars- Overall, he is responsible for a UTE (Unione Transitoria Imprese), led by the company Viaviva, winner of the tender for the project located under the Miter viaduct, in the Belgrano district. Arrangements are also being made for the new polo shirt it is integrated into present-day Chinatown.

“This sector of the project will have all the characteristics of oriental culture. Signage, technological innovation and Asian gastronomic offer, integrated with high-level local brands,” says Paulo Gonzalez Toledo, partner of Viaviva.

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The total project involves around 80,000 square meters made up of commercial, gastronomic and entertainment venues. Among all, on the eve of the World Cup, the most iconic is the Restaurant “10”, as the first tribute restaurant to Maradona is called which was born with an ambitious expansion plan as it foresees the opening of branches in the main cities of the world.

business men Francisco García Moritan -the brother of Buenos Aires legislator Roberto García Moritán- and Alejandro Candioti, owners of gastronomic enterprises such as Amazonia, Sons of Ceviche and Nozomi, are behind this project which required the authorization of the relatives of “Diez” to use its image and name, as well as the exploitation of a restaurant chain.

The second phase of the project will be the one extending from the street The Pampas at Olleros which crosses the tennis clubs of the northern corridor of the city of Buenos Aires. The master plan includes 25 commercial spaces of 400 m2 with glass facades.

Work began in mid-October and is expected to begin to be inaugurated by sections by mid-2023. Finally the third stage, which includes the stretch of Olleros up to Dorrego, it will be that of the Hippodrome and borders on 700 meters of the forests of Palermo. This sector has approximately 22,000 m2, of which approx. 14,000 m2 are exclusively for commercial premises, which are connected to the rest of the public spaces and also to the Pakistan square and the lakes of Palermo. In this way VIAVIVA will integrate into the current view of the Palermo Hippodrome.

The major brands which will be present in the gastronomic and commercial center are Farmacity, Fenjiu, The Food Truck Store, Temple, Keller, Bar&Blue, Joy, (10) Locale tribute to Maradona, Farmacity, Havanna, Freddo, Café Registrado, Havana, Limitless, Miyaki Gyioza & Baos, Buda BA, Cream Roll, Nekofi, Ramen Dong, Piba, Ban Sang, Chiken Club, Brochet City, Sakura Drinks, By Papas, Endive, Café 2D, Archi, Fu Bao, 5oz, Vienna, Harper Juice, Peko Peko, Canting, Koko Bao Bar, Autovisiones and its brands (Volvo, Audi, Jeep, Land Rover, Gelly, Kia, Jaguar), among others.

Source: Clarin

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