Due to the minimum wage increase, 1,200,000 retirees will get a bonus in December, January and February

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Due to the increase in the Minimum, Living and Mobile Wage (SMVM), 1,200,000 retirees and retirees receiving minimum wage ($50,124) since December and have retired with 30 or more years of effective contributions, without resorting to the moratorium, they will have an increase of $677 in December, $3,526 in January and $5,425 in February. These amounts are added to the $10,000 bonus they will receive in those months.

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These additional ones are because the article n. 5 of law 27.426, approved in December 2017, specifies that retirees and retirees “with 30 years or more of service with effective contributions” will apply a “a monetary supplement until a pension equal to eighty-two per cent (82%) is reached of the value of the Minimum Living and Mobile Wage”.

In December, the SMVM rises to $61,953. 82% ($50,801) is $677 above the minimum retirement ($50,124) In January the SMVM is $65,427 and 82% is $53,650, which is $3,526 above the minimum retirement of 50,124 . And in February the SMVM climbs to $67,743 and 82% is $55,549, which is $5,425 above the minimum credit.

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Then those differences they will stop paying in March because, due to pension mobility, that month corresponds to all retirees and retirees an increase in assets. And the minimum pension would be raised, and that difference or plus would disappear, because just 82% of the SMVM ($56,990) exceeds the minimum amount that will govern 2023.

Since this transitional bonus was approved, it was paid in January-May and July-November 2018; in August and October-November 2019, in October and November 2021 and in August, and in October and November 2022.

Higher-wage retirees and retirees do not receive this supplement or the bonus up to $10,000 which covers those charging up to 2 minimum wages.

It is the retirement and retirement sector that has suffered the greatest decline in the face of inflation because, like the rest, It had a 19.5% loss during the government of Mauricio Macri. Then in 2020 it received raises below the minimum, e in 2021 and 2022 he did not receive any of the bonuses that were granted to retirees and lower wage pensions.

The increase in the minimum wage also affects the “Potenciar Trabajo” (just over a million people) earning half the minimum wage and “Accompany” (35,000 people), mainly women and people from the LBGTI+ collective in situations of gender-based violence, who receive a minimum wage for 6 consecutive months.

It also affects the top 90% of the RIPTE (formal salaries) to fix the increase in the quotas of prepaid subscribers with a net income of less than 6 SML. And in registered monthly or day workers who earn less than the monthly or hourly minimum wage. And indirectly as a reference to unregistered or informal workers.


Source: Clarin

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