Massa has found an agreement with the oil companies: they will apply increases with a maximum ceiling of 4% until March

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The Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, together with the Energy Secretary, Flavia Royón, and the Commerce Secretary, Matías Tombolini, met the country’s main oil companies on Monday. In the end, Secretary Royón formalized the price agreement reached: increases of 4% will be applied in December; 4% in January; 4% in February and 3.8% in March.

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In this way, the companies intend to seek their support for the government’s strategy to contain prices and lower inflation. The Fair Prices program applies to consumer products in supermarkets. Companies and chains “self-imposed” limited increases after the “suggestion of the Minister of Internal Trade, which depends on the Ministry of Economy”, have slipped.

“The question of fuel is a central issue in Argentine economic life. Not only for what is people’s daily lives, but for the manufacturing and agricultural sectors,” Royón said at the exit.

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“It is very important for us to first thank YPF, Shell, Trafigura, Axion because being able to incorporate them into the Fair Prices program allows us to walk a path of peace of mind for people,” he said. And I add; “We will have December, January, February and March with a predefined upward path: 4% in December; 4% in January; 4% in February and 3.8% in March, with the aim of continuing to build a path in the which all sectors contribute to significantly reduce inflation, which is the main drama in Argentina”.

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Source: Clarin

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