ANSeS Schedule: Day to day, when the second installment of the $45,000 bonus is paid

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From the ANSeS they launched. the payment plan of second installment of the $45,000 bond “Food reinforcement for adults without income”, which benefits those who find themselves in a situation of “extreme vulnerability”. In December, will receive $22,500, lor missing to complete aid that will reach one million people.

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Registration was open until November 30th. to achieve the benefit. Those who have been approved up to 7 November have already been able to collect the first installment paid in November and are enabled to collect the next one.

In the meantime, those who have already approved the enrollment in the application, but have not received the payment in the previous calendar, will collect the two installments corresponding to the Reinforcement together this month.

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Likewise, ANSES will communicate through its official channels to people who have lodged a complaint with the agency’s offices (and who have had a favorable response) to inform them of the collection date.

This morning the pension body released the December calendar which was as follows:

  • Monday 12 DecemberDNI ending in 0
  • Tuesday 13 DecemberDNI ending with 1
  • Wednesday 14th DecemberDNI ending with 2
  • Thursday 15 DecemberDNI ending with 3
  • Friday 16th DecemberDNI ending with 4
  • Monday 19th DecemberDNI ending in 5
  • Tuesday 20 December, ID ending with 6
  • Wednesday 21 DecemberDNI ending with 7
  • Thursday 22 DecemberDNI ending with 8
  • Friday 23 DecemberDNI ending with 9

Members can check the collection date on the official ANSeS website by entering Food Reinforcement with their CUIL number.

Who are those receiving official aid and where do they live?

More than half -53% – of those who collect the $45,000 nutritional supplement for adults with no income is under 39 years old. With the largest age range (19%) there are those who are between 25 and 29 years old, people between 18 and 24 years of age follow with 16%.

While, half live in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba.

The data is official and shows 1,019,956 people aged 18 to 64 receive the $22,500 booster and will collect a similar second tranche of $22,500 in December. They account for a quarter of the total number of homeless nationwide.

39% of the total are women and 61% men.

This age structure of those receiving Food Reinforcement is similar to that of the unemployed, a group in which adolescents and young people also stand out with the highest percentages. And with the highest levels of indigence and poverty, after children under 17.


Source: Clarin

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