The ceiling for collecting the family salary would only be adjusted in March 2023

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With the formal wage data (RIPTE) for October, the Government is expected to update by 78.83% the annual wage cap that entitles the family wage to be collected for underage children of registered workers by 2023.

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The salary ceiling that entitles you to collect these family allowances it is at $158.366 since last March and should rise to $283.206. But this update, applied annually according to current legislation, It will only come into force in March next year.and meanwhile it is estimated that, due to inflation, until February 2023, more than 1.2 million workers will have stopped receiving family wages.

Instead, the proposal of the social security and trade union sectors is that this limit is similar to the income tax minimum wage, which recently jumped from $280,792 to $330,000. And that as of January 2023 will total $404,062 gross per month.

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In this way, all minor children will be covered by family allowances because up to the salary plan, workers will receive the family salary, according to income brackets. And above this value they can apply the deduction for children from the Irpef tax base. And those in the informal sector are eligible for AUH (Universal Allowance for Children)

Thus, by direct collection of family salary (including AUH) or by deduction from Earnings, fathers or mothers will have coverage for their minor or disabled children.

The latest official data (September) indicate that fathers or mothers with a registered job of 4,078,906 boysabout 700,000 fewer than in March of this year.

The Government, on the other hand, should update the amount of the family salary of those who earn less because otherwise More than one million workers to stop receiving monthly reinforcement or $9,874 per child family wage bonus lowest paid subscribers.

Currently, for that income bracket, the family wage per child is $20,000. It is made up of the $8,471 allowance, an additional $1,655, and a $9,874 booster.

At the beginning of September, according to the decree 578/2022, the reinforcement has been established for the months of September, October and November of 2022.

Consequentially, if it is not extended, that extra help will cease to be paid and the family wage per child for low-income earners will take a sharp fall: it should fall to $10,126.

On the other hand, if expanded, this segment of workers will continue to raise $20,000 per minor son or daughter, without the 15.62% increase in mobility in December, unless the amount of this reinforcement is increased. .

It is that decree 578/2022 which established that the reinforcement “shall consist of a fixed non-remunerative sum equivalent to the amount necessary until the sum of 20,000 dollars is reached”.


Source: Clarin

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