They have organized an online auction with Messi and Maradona shirts

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During the month of December and taking advantage of the frenzy of the World Cup, the Matchday Auctions Soccer company will auction 56 sports items used by great footballers in official matches on the Internet. But among the many “relics” 6 Lionel Messi shirts stand out, one of which is autographed by all the players of the national team competing in Qatar. There are 2 more from Maradona: one from Boca del Nacional 1981 and another from Napoli, which he used in the 1986/87 season, when the Italian team emerged as champions.

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They are the highlights of an online auction, which It started on December 1st and will end on December 22nd., four days after the World Cup final. The organizing company, Matchday, was created during the pandemic by Yael Rodríguez, Emiliano Abreu and Juan Manuel Piñeiro, who implemented an electronic system to sell football clothing and items coveted by collectors or fans.

Most come from former players, their relatives or collectors. We work with the mode of delivery, a contract is signed and we receive a commission for the operation,” Rodríguez explained to clarion. The mechanism begins with an authentication process, an investigation that takes weeks and compares the real object with period photos, videos, news archives and even testimonials, among other things. “With that, we suggest the initial sale price,” she adds.

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Moreover, there’s a 2010 Barcelona Messi jersey, listed at $6,500and many others of figures of the stature of Ronaldinho and Neymar (Barcelona), Zanetti (Banfield), Zico (Flamengo), Tevez (Alternate Selection), Alonso (Velez) and Juan Carlos Lallana, from River in 1967. some Luis Suárez shoes ($650), a 2001 Libertadores champion Boca medal ($350), an album of the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay ($750) and an exact replica of the gold-plated World Cup trophy ($9,000).

These are the minimum prices from which interested parties can submit offers, as if it were a tender. That is, whoever offers the highest value wins and no counter-proposals are contemplated. As for the deal, Rodríguez explains that Matchday charges a 20% commission to the seller (which is included in the base price) and another 15% to the buyer “for authentication work”.

This is the second auction organized by Matchday. In the first, 35 items were shipped, which allowed us to round up a collection of US$ 9,700. The “jewel” of this second round is the national team shirt that Messi wears with the number 10 and that the entire squad has signed for charity, given that the proceeds – according to what was agreed with the AFA – will be donated to the Fernández Hospital Foundation . A base price of US$5,500 has been established. What would be the value if Argentina finally became champions?

For now, Rodríguez says, Matchday is a sideline for the three partners and was born out of a common passion: the hobby of collecting River T-shirts. But that could change depending on the development of the platform. In April next year, the company aims to make a big leap as it will go to auction for a jersey of indisputable historical value, much appreciated by the Germans and extremely painful for the Argentines.

It’s the shirt worn by Andreas Brehme, author of the only goal in the final of the 1990 World Cup, in Italy, against the Argentines of Maradona and Bilardo, and which will have a base price of US$1.2 million. The garment came from a collector, who also handed over Argentinean Juan Simón’s shirt, which will initially cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

Brehme himself authenticated the jersey when we showed it to him. He told us he didn’t have it and sent us a video to validate it,” enthused Rodríguez. The two shirts, Brehme’s and Simón’s, were owned by an Argentine collector who worked at the Italian airport where the two teams embarked and “found them in a prop bag,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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