Rentals: tenants launch a web page to qualify properties

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Even the Rental Law, which has been regulating the market since July 2020, has its crack. On the one hand, they are its defenders, such as the Inquilinos Agrupados entity, that the law helps rents stay in line with inflation, among other benefits.

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And on the other hand, there are the estate agents and the landlords, who do not abandon the hope of a substantial reform of the Law, taking into account the changes undergone by the market since its implementation. Between them, a contraction of supply which raised the prices.

In this context, the entity that groups the tenants has just been created a web page to qualify companies. The goal is report violations and alert the population looking for a property to rent.

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On the web, people can report if the owner proposes, for example, short contracts, increases higher than what is proposed by the official index or problems with guarantees, among other problems.

However, currently most of the contracts are concluded informally as they substantially provide for shorter terms (one or two years) than those established by law (three). This is precisely one of the points that lawmakers they try to change to Congress. The other is the adjustment method, based on the thesis that the “free agreement” between the parties is the most appropriate for both parties, tenants and owners.

Tenants who feel that the real estate agencies they are dealing with are overstocked can use the website. At the address can qualify properties.

According to Gervasio Muñoz, head of Grouped Tenants, It is “a collaborative website that allows you to comment, qualify and consult the behavior of of all real estate agencies in the city of Buenos Aires”. The service is free and anonymous.

As Muñoz explained, “every day a the best and worst properties based on the score established by all the tenants who added up their experiences by answering a suggested questionnaire”.

On how the initiative came about, the leader explained that “the idea came from the fact that we have begun to see that real estate companies carry out systematized illegal practices“, She said.

“For this reason, given the situation of how real estate companies are managed, the organization decided to create a space so that tenants can tell their experience with each company. In this way, a person who is going to rent can know how the business behaves during the course of operations”, commented the leader.


Source: Clarin

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