Axel Kicillof has announced discounts for the holidays and the summer with Conto DNI and Banco Provincia credit cards: what will they be?

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In view of the 2023 summer season, the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillofannounced this Wednesday at series of discounts up to 40% for users of DNI account and Banco Provincia credit cards.

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In the face of the holidays, he anticipated that there will be special benefits of 40% with a DNI account between December 19 and 24. In those days, promotions will also be applied with cards that will reach 40% savings and up to six interest-free installments on clothing, sports, bookstores, toy shops, perfumeries and bicycle shops.

“These measures are part of a battery of policies we have adopted to support a summer season which, based on the level of occupancy shown this past weekend, will be a fantastic season throughout the province“Kicillof pointed out.

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The announcement was made by the Sala d’Oro of the Government Palace, together with the president of Banco Provincia, Juan Cuattromoand the Minister of Productive Activities, Science and Technological Innovation, Costa d’Augusto.

“Knowing the weight that tourism has in provincial employment and production, our bet is not only that the province of Buenos Aires once again becomes the most popular destination for all Argentines and foreigners, but also that it is a summer where you work, produce, grow”, he underlined.

In this framework, the governor explained that using the DNI account there will be discounts from 30% in shops of various kinds in the months of January and February; while “in the markets and fairs of Buenos Aires during every day there will be 40% Rescue”.

Paying with the virtual wallet, launched during the coronavirus pandemic, the leader of the Frente de Todos indicated that “a 30% in supermarkets on specific days ea Savings of 30% in YPF every day at the agreed service stations”.

Meanwhile, with the Credit cards of Banco Provincia will be there discounts on spas and showsin addition to long-distance bus tickets.

“First there is a charge and then there is a refund which has a ceiling. In a typical household, if all members use repayments associated with the DNI account and credit cards, in a month those reimbursements may amount to $61,500 as a household”underlined the provincial president.

In this context, Kicillof took the opportunity to refer to an international recognition that the virtual wallet has achieved and remarked against the opposition: “In London it has achieved the first prize in financial progress during the pandemic internationally. A enormous pride, why there are many who still want to abolish the stateaccusing him of not working, of being slow, of being behind, of not being modern and good… I don’t know what they will do with this”.

“The province of Buenos Aires has 17 million inhabitants and the DNI Account has 6 million active accounts. One in three Buenos Aires residents have this digital wallet,” concluded the governor.

Source: Clarin

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