Failed meeting: Bahillo is expecting you this afternoon but the Liaison Desk has warned that he won’t go

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Despite the national holiday decreed in the last hours of yesterday by the Government, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation, Juan José Bahillo, is already at work in his office in Buenos Aires and will wait for the Entity Liaison Commission Farmers hold a meeting today at 6pm despite the fact that rural leaders have already publicly announced they will not attend.

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The thing is the Liaison Table had requested an audience with the nation’s Economy Minister, Sergio Massato address several issues that seriously affect the agricultural sector such as drought, soy dollar negative impacts, exchange gap, dairy situation and regional economiesfundamentally, and believe they should be treated with the highest authority of that portfolio, which in the end has the power of decision, the pen. For this reason he has refused Bahillo’s invitation for this afternoon, even though they recognize his good predisposition and work.

“We underline the secretary’s vocation for dialogue but we understand it the reality of the issues concerning producers requires a meeting with Minister Massathat’s why we asked him to be heard,” explained the President of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Nicolás Pino.

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“The tax burden, the drought that continues to afflict the productive regions, the double exchange rate, the distortions of the soybean dollar and other issues on the agenda, are priorities that the government must listen to,” said the head of the SRA.

We won’t go to the meeting because The seriousness of the problems is not just to talk to the Secretary of Agriculture and we need, as we asked in the note, that Minister Sergio Massa be there,” he said. Carlos Achetoni, president of the Argentine Agricultural Federation (FAA), whose directors met this morning to evaluate the steps to follow.

Massa is the one who has the tools to solve the problems of regional economies and the countryside in general, what we need,” he said. Elbio Laucirica, Coninagro manager (Agricultural Intercooperative Confederation). “We understand and appreciate Secretary Bahillo’s effortWe have nothing against his work nor do we belittle it, on the contrary, he always assists us and we are in communication in different situations, it simply seems to us that the minister is the one who must receive us in this difficult example, which is why Minister Massa requested a hearing ” , objected Laucirica.

“We have to have a meeting with the minister, the mandate we have from the bases is to meet him. Today the weather takes the looks and it’s a very delicate situationThat’s why we need a meeting with the minister together with the secretary, said Jorge Chemes, president of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA).

No rescheduling of the meeting has been planned at this time despite the national holiday decreed yesterday by the national government for the celebrations planned for the achievement of the title of World Soccer Champion of the Argentina national team in the streets of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the authorities of the Liaison Table are evaluating the actions to follow.

Source: Clarin

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