Globant, the Argentine unicorn that leads the country of Silicon Valley with Disney and Google

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Globant, one of the Argentine unicorns, which is equivalent to say a modern multinational, was born in 2003 on the initiative of four friends in the middle of a devastated countrywith 20% unemployment and half the population plunged into poverty.

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His beginnings were an ordeal from start to finish. But it paid off. Its founding members are Martín Migoya, Guibert Englebienne, Martín Umarán and Néstor Nocetti. Migoya is the global CEO and Patricia Pomies has been named COO, responsible for worldwide operations, based in Spain as they seek to gain a greater presence in Europe In a world that has changed, they move very fast and have a highly competitive environment.

This year they grew by 37% with a profit of US$ 1,778 million.

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Globant is listed on Wall Street and, in addition to the founders, has several shareholders such as JPMorgan, Blackrock and Morgan Stanley, among others.

It describes itself as a digital native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to advance their businesses with engineering, design and innovation, united at scale.

They are present in 23 countries, have 23,500 professionals and among their clients are Fifa, Disney, Google, Rockwell Automation, Electronic Arts, Santander, Linkedin, JWT, Coca Cola, Amex, BBVA, PWC, Nike and Pernod Ricard, among others. 98% of its clientele is outside Argentina.

Clarín interviewed Pomies, 43, 9 years old at Globant, and who, despite the fact that virtuality reigns in technology, lives on top of an airplane.

-Globant’s advertising has been seen in World Cup matches, what is the relationship with Fifa?

-We are strategic partners of Fifa, with a 4-year contract. We take care of the contents, of feeding what would be the “Netflix” of Fifa.

Where does Globant’s profits come from?

-64% in the United States, 20% in Latin America, 10% in the European Union and the rest in Africa.

-How did you manage to be so strong in the United States, the country of Silicon Valley?

-Google was one of our first customers and together we developed a technology center. We are a company with digital DNA, we are young, we will be 20 in 2023, this means agility for digital transformation and brand reinvention. Disney is our largest customer globally. We’ve redesigned the park experience with the wristband that facilitates all movement. And we’re very busy in the games and film development part.

-You talk about digital transformation, how does this process usually start?

– We partner with the customer and start with a blank slate, together we are reinventing business transformation. In the case of Santander, we helped create Open Bank, the first digital bank.

– You are shopping, buying various companies around the world, what are you looking for?

-It is part of Globant’s organic growth. Sometimes it’s a geographic acquisition like Sysdata in Italy, a business and technology consulting firm. Or Australia, eWave to expand into Asia-Pacific. Different is the case of Genexus in Uruguay, a low-code platform, what is known as codeless programming, as a tool to provide a faster and higher quality digital transformation.

-What does Argentina represent for Globant today?

– We are in 17 offices distributed in 12 cities and there are 5,200 people. We have 150 customers. Growing up in Argentina is a dream and we support it. By 2026, we will reach a total of 15,000 professionals in the country. Argentina is the center, the heart of a company that grows everywhere in a sector where there is no longer a geographical location. Our teams are of various nationalities.

Source: Clarin

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