International agreement to promote skilled labor in new technologies

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Augusto Marini, president and CEO of CaleGroup, and Simón Tsui, CEO of Huawei Latam Region Digital Power have signed an agreement that seeks to help ensure that the whole country has skilled workforce in ICT talentthrough programs fully funded by both companies.

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Argentina’s investment holding company CaleGroup and global technology leader Huawei this week celebrated a business cooperation agreement to foster ICT (information and communication technology) talent training nationwide.

President and CEO of the Cale Group, Augustus Marinoi, signed a memorandum of understanding with the CEO of Huawei Latam Region Digital Power, simon tsuiwhich includes course development, talent assessment and direction workshops, seminars, training courses and workshopsamong other training courses, with the aim of contributing to all provinces that have a skilled workforce in ICT talent.

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In addition, Huawei has been committed to collaborating with its experience as a technology leader in the technology sector by developing opportunities together with Cale Group. In this sense, it will issue certifications to those who carry out training in companies or institutions.

“This agreement will allow us to provide training in new technologies and certifications to Argentines from any corner of the country. It makes us very proud to be able to collaborate to train talents in topics related to our daily work at CaleGroup, such as telecommunications and energy infrastructure,” said Marini.

In this regard, he underlined: “In this way, we also contribute to Argentina having a more skilled workforce, which will allow for a better and faster adoption of new technologies for the different projects that the country requires”.

CaleGroup and Huawei are already working on setting up a liaison table, which “will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this agreement and will be in charge of coordinating, executing and evaluating the corresponding activities to achieve the objectives set, through specific agreements “, states the signed agreement.

In the coming weeks, they will be announcing their training programs for citizens across the country for 2023, which will be 100% funded by Cale Group and Huawei.

In addition to this agreement, both companies agree to implement renewable energy generation technology.

CaleGroup is an investment holding company that controls major companies in the energy, infrastructure, agri-food, health, services and textile sectors, which has an environmentally friendly vision and has recently made progress with the construction of large solar parks in the north of the country .with Huawei technology.

For its part, Huawei has presented in recent days its goals and plans for next year in sustainable solutions in Argentina to promote the generation of photovoltaic energy and the development of storage systems for the solar industry.

Source: Clarin

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