Personal Assets: Those with up to $11,282,141 and their property does not exceed $56,410,705 will be exempt

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The Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) has published the rates and non-taxable minimums of the personal wealth tax for the period 2022.

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Taxpayers can consult the assessment tables on the microsite”Personal income and assets highlighted the agency.

For the affidavit corresponding to the period 2022, which expires in June 2023, the rates were determined on the basis of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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In this way, residential properties will be exempt from tax when their value is less than $56,410,705.41.

If this value is exceeded, the value exceeding the minimum will be calculated for the purpose of calculating the tax.

On the other hand, the tied assets located in the country when the sum of all is less than $11,282,141.08. When they exceed this figure, the excess will pay 0.5%, and from then on the scale which can be consulted at www

A tax base of $6 million was governed for the 2021 fiscal year, while the taxpayer’s home was exempt up to $30 million in value.

How much will be paid, according to the new tariffs? Those who have goods of a value greater than $11,282,141.08 will pay the tax, if all the goods are in Argentina, at the following rates: if the value of the goods, after deducting the above tax-free amount, does not exceed $5,641 .070.54, 0.5% will be taxed (this threshold was, for 2021, $3 million) of that amount.

In the second step of the table, those who have assets exceeding $11,282,141.08 for an amount between $5,641,070.54 million and $12,222,319.51, will pay an amount of $28,205.35 plus the calculated 0.75% on anything in excess of $5,641,070.54. In the box below, for assets between $12,222,319.51 and $33,846,423.25 (in excess of $11.28 million), a fixed amount of $77,564.72 will be paid, plus 1% of the excess of $12,222,319.51.

Thus, if the aggregate of tied assets amounts to more than $33,846,423.25 and up to $188,035,684.71, the annual tax will be $293,802.76 plus 1.25% based on the amount which exceeds $33,846,423.25. And if the assets in the country are more than $188,035,684.71 and up to $564,107,054.14, the tax will be $2,221,171.53 (fixed amount) plus 1.5% of what exceeds $188,035,684.71. Finally, if the principal is greater than $564,107,054.14, the rate will be $7,862,242.07 (fixed amount) plus 1.75% of the excess $564,107,054.14.

In the case of assets located abroad, rates are higher. They are 0.7% if the taxpayer’s total assets (in-country and outside borders) exceed (over $11.28 million) $5.64 million; 1.2% for assets over $5.64 million and up to $12.22 million; 1.8% if the amount is between the last value and $33.85 million and 2.25% when the amount is greater than $33.85 million.

The tax on movable property is determined on the basis of the assets owned as at 31 December of each year, both by natural persons and undivided estates.

Source: Clarin

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