Dollarizing appetite: blue rose by 1 dollar and closed at 355 dollars, on the verge of the high reached in December

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Despite the official forecast that the blue dollar would fall sharply in the first weeks of the year, the informal exchange rate It was up again this Monday another $2 to finish at $356, just one weight below the nominal high it set days before the end of December.

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Until the middle of last month, the blue dollar appeared to be asleep to rising prices in other markets and even the rest of the prices in the economy. But in the second half of December, the free exchange rate heated up to $357 on December 28. In the government they insisted that the increase would be temporary and before the end of 2022 the price fell to $347.

But the start of a new year wasn’t enough to calm down the dollar appetite of savers: In the first six reels of 2023 blue has already risen by $9. In the financial segment, both cash with settlement and the MEP dollar have moved in the opposite direction. The so-called “bag dollar” closed at $327.21; while the CCL dropped to $333.99.

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“The improved financial climate, coupled with interventions intensifying towards closing the wheel, continues to leave financial dollars stretched for the time being, which are barely record slight fluctuationsbeyond the fact that the readjustment towards the dollar paper should soon be resumed to avoid accentuating the accumulated delay”, said the economist Gustavo Ber.

In the official market, the Central Bank closed the first session of the week with a positive balance of US$ 3 million, the result of his interventions in the wholesale segment. In this way, the monetary authority has extended its “unbeatable” so far into 2023, having not sold dollars from its reserves in any of the wheels.

Thus, so far in January, the body chaired by Miguel Pesce accumulates a buyer’s net balance of US $64.5 million, now without the liquidation incentive that was the second round of the soy dollar program.

The wholesale dollar ended up at $180.09 on sale. According to exchange operator Gustavo Quintana, of PR Corredores de Cambios, it was “the lowest correction for a week start since that recorded on 26 September”. In this way, the gap between the dollar to which the big players have access and the one that savers buy on the street narrows

Source: Clarin

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