Digital banks bring their competition to the world of football

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digital banks they take the field this year. With a difference of days, two entities have confirmed that their brands will support two teams from the first division of national football. On the one hand, Brubank closed a deal to put his chest on Saint Lawrencewho had no shirt sponsorship since January of last year.

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With three million customers in the country, the 100% digital entity founded in 2018 has agreed to represent the Boedo club for the next two years. “The deal is signed until December this year, but will definitely be extended for another year,” a Brubank source told this newspaper.

The announcement came through social networks with a commercial in which some players from the men’s team participated, such as Adam Bareiro, Ezequiel Cerutti, Gastón Hernández, Nahuel Barrios and Iván Leguizamón and also from the women’s team. “The fans with the most banks and the largest digital bank in the country,” was the phrase they used to highlight the new alliance.

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Yes, OK the amount of the contract did not transcend, It was possible to know that it includes the clothing of the First Division (men’s and women’s), Reserve and futsal football teams of the Barça club.

Almost in parallel, the digital bank Bibank signed a sponsorship deal the clothing of the Independiente players. the entity, ex Interfinanzas of the Calcaterra brothers, It aims at financing businesses, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Through an agreement with the Avellaneda club, from this month it will become the new sponsor of the pants used by the players of the men’s professional soccer team. As reported by the institution, the bank logo will be printed on the back of the shorts in the first division matches of the Argentine professional soccer league, for a period of one semester.

Football clubs and financial institutions appear to have “played a game” at a key moment. For digital banks, this sport is a way to gain popularity. It’s time for football clubs to reinvent the sponsorship business, where many are looking for sponsors for their shirts. As this newspaper learned, San Lorenzo will continue to seek support up its sleeves,

Online bookmakers have made a big splash in this industry over the last few years. The European Codere shelled out 3.5 million dollars last year to get in front of River Plate’s shirt.

Source: Clarin

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