Mercado Pago has reported failures and users have complained on the networks

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Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago have undergone a drip this Monday morning, with thousands of users reporting problems to access apps in different parts of Latin America. After noon, and after a flood of complaints on social media, the services have been reset.

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The problems were in the systems that support the operation of both Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago, during Monday mornings. Company spokesmen confirmed that between 8:49 and 12:02 in the morning of Argentina neither service workedso they didn’t allow their users to close transactions.

From the unicorn of Argentine origin they admitted that neither the e-commerce site nor the virtual wallet and payment method services allowed their users to enter for about three hours.

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The causes, as they explained, had to do with problems in the rear end which holds the access system to each user’s accounts, usually referred to as a system “access”.

“Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago report that some users have experienced interruptions in the last few minutes payment, collection and money transfer transactions”, the company had said in an official statement released as user complaints multiplied.

As they assured, it wasn’t an attack nor from an external problem that was triggered by people other to the enterprise. The money in the account of the users of Mercado Pago, the digital wallet, was not affected in any way, they assured.

In addition to announcing that the inconvenience had been resolved, Mercado Pago took advantage of social networks to spread a message warning of possible computer crimes: “It is important to note that Mercado Pago We are not contacting anyone via Whatsapp or social networks to request information or personal data.

Although it was not known whether the failures concerned all the latitudes in which Mercado Pago operates, it was known that the importance of the problem it was tall.

Up to the third quarter of last year, the company founded by Marco Galperin had reported having more than 88 million unique users Worldwide. Its fintech leg, Mercado Pago has nearly half of these users and explain 385 million dollars of the 675 million dollars that the company has invoiced in the country.

Source: Clarin

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