Fair Prices: Create a computer “radar” to check prices online

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Along with the launch of a new extended version of Fair Prices, the government will present this Friday at noon a new software to check online gondola prices. This computerized radar, which will partially replace inspections in supermarket branches, was developed by Amazon and Arsat and It will help monitor excessive increases in approximately 32,000 mass-consumed items.

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At the Secretary of Commerce, led by Matías Tombolini, they are enthusiastic about the question. They say that it has the capacity to process 15 million data points dailyby taking over consumer products in all the points of sale of the chains and wholesalers.

“This gives us an overview of compliance (price) and non-compliance that can be viewed in a micro-segmented way: by article, categories, by province, locality and trade“explained an official source.

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The system (which doesn’t have a name yet) it will let you know if an item is up more than 3.2% in the month, which is the guideline established in the Extra Large Fair Prices, which will be in force from February to the end of June for 15 items (textiles, sports shoes, electronics, laboratory and building materials and industrial inputs). The application, at least initially, It will only bring up food, drinks, toiletries, and cleanliness.

The Fair Prices relaunch act is scheduled for this Friday at noon, in an act that will take place this Friday at the Cck, and which will be chaired by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. The new edition covers 49,832 articles (with maximum increases of 3.2% per month) e a new basket with 2,000 basic products frozen for 5 months. «It is a voluntary guideline to order prices», they proclaim close to Tombolini.

The computer radar will be supplemented by another instrument. the second application it will follow the prices offered on the Internet by the 482 companies that have agreed with the government (another 50 or 60 could be added at the last moment) with the aim of curbing inflation. Includes an alert system when comparing month-to-month values ​​when increases greater than 3.2% are found.

“Once we achieve the fiscal and reserve accumulation targets, we understand that the conditions are in place to standardize all price agreements,” they underline. They allude to the multiple deals made with various items (clothing, medicines and mobile phones, among many others), which will now be reviewed in this expanded version of Fair Prices.

The main concern (hence the announcement) is to counter the rise in prices in recent weeks. In December, according to INDEC, the cost of living increased by 5.1% and 2022 closed with 94.8%, the highest record in the last 32 years. Private consultants estimate another hike for January (between 5 and 6%), which contrasts with Massa’s own forecast (less than 4% in April) and with the 60% threshold for the full year expected by the Budget Law.

Source: Clarin

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