What will the Superintendency of Health do with the prepaid company that is requesting sensitive data from its affiliates?

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Although it is publicly available – Clarín published it this Wednesday – affiliates of the prepaid Omint have to do it an individual complaint if they do not agree to respond to the form sent to them by the private medical company to determine if they are eligible for a smaller fee increase. If they don’t respond and don’t send the documentation the higher surcharge will be applied.

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“In the face of each request for documentation outside the fulfillment of the provisions of the decree and the resolution, the beneficiary can carry out the complaint through formal channels of this Superintendency so that it can activate on specific cases,” they said.

This is how they responded in the NHS to the consultation of clarion whether Omint was legal or authorized to request from its affiliates, among other sensitive data, a copy of the paycheck of the family group, the lease in case you receive income through this route and also the bank receipt for Term interest or other financial income perceived in the country and abroad.

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The SSN is the official body that supervises and regulates private medicine and social services.

In February, the share increase is 4.91% for those earning less than 6 Salary, Minimum, Vital and Mobile (SMVM) – $371,718 – and 8.21% if they earn less. In March, the fee will increase 5.04% for those earning less than $392,562 (6 SMVM) and 7.66% if earning more.

In the sworn declaration to the Superintendency, the only data that the affiliate must upload each month is whether his income is lower or higher than 6 SMVM.

Instead, the Omint form is very longthe documentation of what has been declared must be attached and before detailing what is requested, “express consent for Omint to analyze and verify its truthfulness of the information and attached documentation”.

What needs to be reported is:

  • Family group members, with their own CUIL numbers.
  • Invoice of some Public Services of January. The invoice must be enclosed in case of receive the subsidy of the state or provinces.
  • Attach the January salary receipt, with the net salary of the household, net commissions and overtime. “In addition to detailing the previously requested amounts, it is necessary to send together with this document to: [email protected], a copy of the salary receipts for January 2023 proving the salary of all members of the family group, fees and net overtime, if applicable”.
  • Single taxpayers: attach proof of the current category.
  • Invoicing or January 2023 sales of both single-tax payers and self-employed workers
  • Rents collected in January 2023. A copy of the current contract is required.
  • Fixed-term interest or other financial income in the foreign country. Fixed-term interest or other financial investments. You must send the digital voucher issued by the bank, proving the establishment of the term or other financial subjects.

To send all this information, “you will have a period of 10 working days, from the day of the date, to send it,” says Omint’s letter, which adds another striking fact: “We inform you that your health plan will count, d’ now on, with more administrative controls be able to adjust the service to the new requested quota value”.

From this it can be deduced that those who have a smaller share increase may have fewer medical services of those who are receiving so far.

Finally, the text says that “the lack of veracity in the information you present could lead to termination of your contract with the company and in legal actions for damages caused to it. Please also note that the information presented may be required by AFIP or other tax agencies.

Source: Clarin

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