The sale of used cars is growing: in January they were the most sought after

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After a downhill 2021, used car sales have resumed. In January, 133,073 units were transferred, 12.91% more than in the same month of 2022, according to data from the Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA). Compared to December, the increase was 14.57%.

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Registrations of farm-to-table cars also increased by 15.1% last month, reaching 50,085 units.

Alejandro Lamas, secretary of the CCA, said: “We begin a new year with renewed hopes. we have to leave behind a 2022 full of complicationsa strange year in which, as few times, it was the sales of new cars and used vehicles from different diagonals”.

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“January gives us a hint that maybe this 2023 can do it have a little more logic As for the sale of used cars. This means: more sale of km 0, more sale of useda parallelism that is very difficult to break,” said the manager.

Is that last year, while new car registrations reached 407,532 units, 6.8% more that in 2021; second-hand sales decreased by 7.04%, to 1,570,784 units.

The explanation given at the time by the House is that the lack of manufacturing inputs in the industry meant they had fewer vehicles to sell to dealerships and that, in turn, motivated the out of stock of used vehicles which are delivered for a fee and are the raw material of the resale industry.

Farm-to-table dealerships have endorsed this situation: they said that if they had more vehicles to sell, the figures for 2022 would have been “significantly higher”.

What are the best-selling used cars?

He “top ten” best-selling cars in January there are three trucks made in the country and Ford has three of the vehicles. The ranking is led by Volkswagen Goal and Trend, with 8,301 units. The Chevrolet Corsa and Classic follow, with 4,636 and the podium is closed by the Toyota Hilux pick-up, with 3,981.

The list then includes the Renault Clio (3,403 units), the Ford Fiesta (3,133), the Fiat Palio (2,938), the Ford EcoSport (2,919), the Ford Focus (2,757), the Ford Ranger (2,711) and the VW Amarok. (2,686).

Sales increased almost all over the country. The most relevant increases were observed in Neuquén (22.40%), Mendoza (22.07%), La Pampa (19.07%), Formosa (18.21%), San Juan (17.80%) and Santa Cruz (16.88%), among others. San Luis was the only province where transfers decreased (4.38%).

Meanwhile, the province of Buenos Aires is the one that records the largest volume of second-hand sales, with 38%, but in second place is not the capital of the country, but Córdoba, which takes 11.46% of the operations. The city of Buenos Aires occupies the third place, with 9.73%, followed by Santa Fe, with 8.60%. The rest of the provinces are far behind, with Mendoza (5%) in the lead.

Source: Clarin

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