Customs to carry out ‘advance’ screening of passengers traveling abroad to predict infringements

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The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) has developed and put into operation a system of advance analysis of passengerswhich provides for violations with 42% effective. and which, until now, has been specifically tested at Ezeiza Airport and Jorge Newbery Airport, the agency said.

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The system in question was developed on the basis of information available in advance on passengers arriving in the country by air and, in this sense, the organization led by Guillermo Michel has identified a number of indicators risk factors that guide the analysis.

The main variables analyzed by the customs system are the number of items making up the baggagethe difference between the baggage at the time of leaving the country and at the time of entry, the number of journeys made and their relationship with the economic activity of the passenger and the history of the crimes committed.

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This system is also augmented with information received from customs from high-end consumption made by Argentine tourists from Europe and request a refund of your taxes (“tax refund”).

In particular, transgressions refer to franchise excesseswhich involve the payment of a penalty equal to 50% of the excess amount, or infringements of the baggage regime, which may involve fines of up to three times the value of the products entered or, even, its seizure, in the case of prohibited goods.

AFIP seized 100 pairs of shoes that a passenger wanted to put in his personal luggage.  AFIP photo

AFIP seized 100 pairs of shoes that a passenger wanted to put in his personal luggage. AFIP photo

In particular, regarding its application at the Ezeiza International Airport, the system alerted about 52 passengersof which 22 produced news, which resulted in the seizure of clothing, sneakers, cell phones, computers, drones and perfumes, since the quantity and variety of the goods suggested that it was imported commercial reasons.

The best-known case occurred at Ezeiza airport: the customs advance scanning system issued a warning about a man who, accompanied by a woman who would have been his companion, attempted to enter the country 100 pairs of shoes and 251 items of clothing via baggage allowance.

The travelers arrived in the country on Air Canada flight AC 096, from the city of Montreal, and were carrying around 15 bags.

In turn, with regard to the high-end consumption made by Argentine tourists in Europe, if they ask for a tax refund, for example, in a Spanish airport for products purchased in that country, trigger an alert of information that goes directly to the Argentine customs, said the AFIP.


Source: Clarin

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