Leasing finance among SMEs grows by 17.3% and allows the creation of 12,800 jobs

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Leasing, the system that allows you to finance the purchase of capital goods, grew by 17.3% last year among Argentine SMEs.

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A report by the Leasing Argentina association indicates that leasing portfolio balances exceeded 100,000 million dollars during 2022 and generated a strong expansion of financing for SMEs, which allowed the creation of 12,800 jobs.

The data indicates that the balances were $101.726 million, by productive investments promoted by the special line created jointly by Leasing Argentina and the former Ministry of Productive Development, supported by the current Secretary of Industry, in office by José Ignacio de Mendiguren.

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The participation of SMEs for the financing of productive activities went from 43% to 71.8% in the integration of the portfolio balance in the year-on-year comparison.

“The leasing sector has experienced strong expansion in the last year, especially in the second half. This growth has been concentrated in the financing of capital goods, with a strong impact on job creation“said the president of Leasing Argentina, Nicolás Scioli.

Transport and logistics was the sector with the highest participation in the financing portfolio (41.3%), followed by software (17.1%), automobiles (14.9%) and construction machinery (11.2%), industrial equipment (6.6%) and agricultural machinery (3.5%).

Recently, public and private banks and financial companies that are part of Leasing Argentina have announced that they will offer fixed-rate mortgages for the purchase of properties in industrial parksor in industrial zones recognized by the local or provincial authority.

This initiative provides the possibility of acquire properties with a fixed rate of 49% for the first 36 months and payment terms of up to 60 months at the private Badlar rate, as part of the Argentine Credit Program (CreAr), with investment rates from the National Fund for Productive Development (Fondep).

The financing proposal, which has a share of $30,000 million and bonus investment rates up to 30 pointsaims to facilitate access to credit for projects that promote investments for the country’s economic and social development.

The subjects who will make the lines of credit available through leasing, with a maximum share of $1,000 million each, These are the banks Industrial, BICE, Comafi, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, San Juan, Santa Cruz, Macro, Formosa, BBVA, Supervielle Galicia and Patagonia.

The offer of credit through leasing will be extended to Provincia Leasing, Toyota Compañía Financiera Argentina and Mercedes Benz Compañía Financiera Argentina.


Source: Clarin

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