The government has regulated the bonus of up to 15 thousand pesos for pensioners and retirees: who will collect it and how

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The national government regulated this Wednesday the bonus up to 15 thousand pesos which will receive for three months the retirees and retirees They charge the minimum.

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The standards were made official through the Decree 105/2023which was published in the latest edition of Official bulletin and which bore the signatures of the president Alberto Fernándezof the chief of staff, Augustine Rossiand the Minister of Labour, Rachel “Kelly” Olmos.

In particular, in the months of March, April and May 2023 the “Provisional Income Reinforcement” will be paid to recipients of contributory pension benefits paid by the National Social Security Administration; beneficiaries of the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PAN); recipients of non-contributory old-age and invalidity pensions, mothers of 7 children or more and other non-contributory and ex gratia pensions whose payment is borne by ANSES.

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To access the $15,000 bonus, retirees and retirees must collect less than two retirement minimums. In other words, the equity sum of all your current benefits must be less than or equal to 58,665 pesos.

To access the $15,000 bonus, retirees and retirees must collect less than two retirement minimums.  German photo Garcia Adrasti.

To access the $15,000 bonus, retirees and retirees must collect less than two retirement minimums. German photo Garcia Adrasti.

Meanwhile, those holders who receive an amount greater than $58,665 and less than or equal to $68,665 receive the “needed amount of money until reaching the sum of $73,665.

On the other hand, there will be a bonus of 5,000 pesos monthly for those who collect more than $68,665 And until when $117,330.

Finally, for those holders who receive more than 117,339 pesos And until when 122,330 pesos“the amount of the income reinforcement will be equal to that necessary until the amount referred to in the second mandate is reached”.

“The strengthening of the retirement income granted by this decree will not be subject to any discount or computable for any other concept”, specifies the decree.

An “amazing” bonus that is permanent

As in the previous cases, the bonus is a reinforcement not included in the credit. Compared to the previous quarter (Dec-Feb) bonus increased from $10,000 to $15,000 for the minimum credit e reduced from $7,000 to $5,000 for those who charge up to 2 minimum wages.

If it is an “extraordinary” compensation for the inflationary peak, those ties have become permanent and in increasing values ​​for the minimum credit. And they can’t stop repeating themselves why the mobility increases would be reversed if those retirees lost their premium collection.

After the loss of 19.5% of the retirement assets between September 2017 and November 2019, the pension bonus for those with lower assets made its debut under the current government”Only for this time” in December 2019.

Thus, bonuses of $5,000 for minimum retirements were awarded in December 2019 and January 2020, and another $3,000 in April of that year.

Bonuses of $1,500 were awarded in April and May 2021. A $5,000 bonus was awarded in August, and in December 2021, another up to $8,000.

Due to the peak inflation, in 2022 bonuses have become more frequent. In April ($6,000) and May ($12,000), August (up to $5,000), September, October and November ($4,000/7,000), December, January and February 2023 (from $7,000/10,000). And now, between March and May ($5,000/$15,000).

This happens because the mobility formula – which combines the salary with the collection of taxes that goes to the Social Security – it does not have a guarantee clause or an automatic indemnity against inflation. And the bonuses are received only by pensioners and pensioners with lower salaries, flattening of the income pyramid of the system.

Also, by not being credited, bonuses compensate a sector of retirees for a portion of the price increase in the month or months in which they are collected, but in the following month or months, the retiree’s total income returns to the pre-credit level. bonus and requires the issuance of new bonds they become more frequent.

Bonuses, on the other hand, are not taken into consideration for future capital increases. This way, the continued loss of “lifetime” retirement.

While, those who do not collect the bonus – about 2 million pensioners and retirees – have no compensation and they absorb, with a reduction in real terms of their assets, the complete loss due to inflation.

Source: Clarin

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