Paritarias: Oil workers closed on nearly 100% pay raise

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The oil unions closed this Wednesday the 2022/23 parity with an increase of almost 100%informed industry representatives.

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At the headquarters of the Ministry of the Nation’s Economy, oil unions and chambers of commerce agreed on a 99% hike, a figure that trade unionists have described as “historic”.

With this, the an operator on an 8-hour shift will charge $550,000 and a 12-hour shift will be approximately $900,000they indicated in the union.

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The Argentine Petroleum Workers Union (UTPA), the Chamber of Hydrocarbon Production Companies (CEPH) and the Chamber of Special Oil Operations Companies (CEOPE), held tense discussions which ultimately resulted in a record number for the workers, since trade unionists have sat down at the table demanding 100% inflation. With this number, industry insiders and operators surpassed the inflationary statistics for the period.

Inflation in 2022 reached 94.8%, and almost double that of 2021, which reached 50.1%.

Last year we closed a parity of 79% and over 90% is running out this year. There are twelve or thirteen points of difference that we have to accept to overcome the inflation numbers,” Marcelo Rucci, general secretary of the Union of Private Oil Workers of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa, had indicated before entering the meeting. key, La Mañana reported. .

The deal represents a 20% increase over 2022 cwith the chambers of commerce and reaches a total of 99.02%.

“We have repaid the trust workers have placed in us with actions,” said Claudio Vidal, general secretary of the Santa Cruz Private Oil Workers Union.

The deal relied on data provided by the consumer price index (CPI) for February and March to establish the latest tranche of 2022 parity.

“It is a fact or a story that allows parities to be normalized after the crisis caused by the pandemic and the application of agreements aimed at protecting jobs in the Neuquén basin,” Petroleros Privados denounces.

“The end of 2022 ends up being an almost 100% wage increase,” said Jorge Ávila in contact with ADNSUR, adding: “the work of the Neuquén union has been important and we are trying to fight inflation, even if it is from behind, but we are fighting it,” said Jorge Avila, general secretary of the Chubut Private Oil and Gas union.

It is estimated that in Neuquén, Río Negro and La Pampa alone, the sector employs around 30,000 people.

The oil unions have advanced it in the course of 2023 there will be a new parity and they will go back to “sit down to discuss”.

In November 2022, the oil workers union, which includes Vaca Muerta, among other major fields in the country, he had also accepted a $100,000 bond which was paid in two installments of 50,000 pesos in December and February.

Within this framework, they had also set the prepayment of the salary increase signed in mid-2022 and the increase in the value of food (“Supplementary Non-Compensatory Alimony”) to $65,000.


Source: Clarin

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