Carlos Melconian’s perspective on economic policies for agriculture

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Carlos Melconian, director of IERAL and former president of Banco de la Nación Argentina, visited Expoagro 2023 YPF Agro Edition to address the current economic situation, as it has become, and spoke at a conference about the work developed by the Foundation, raising the question : are we facing a new opportunity? “The answer is yes, if the things that need to be done have been done,” he remarked.

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Regarding the current scenario of the agricultural sector, he expressed: “the drought is generating very important problems, with a negative impact on the level of activity, harvesting and others, more serious than imagined. The economist pays attention to the entry of dollars, to the foreign exchange market, and we are more focused on how the market closes, on the fact that the Central Bank continues to sell dollars it doesn’t have”.

“We are the kings of general balance and common rules”, he expressed about the model they have developed “for those who want to take it. I tell everyone, textiles, automotive, construction, politics, justice, trade unions, candidates. This must be the realm of general equilibrium. The sectoral balance in Argentina is over, and we are seeing it sectorally in the last year of a weak government, from which the sectors ask for everything. We are in the sumun of save yourself who can,” he said.

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“This has never happened: the economy has risen by 5 points (“so says the President without clarifying that it is due to the rebound or inertia of the pandemic”) and poverty has risen by 10 points. Solving poverty is not an easy matter, but it depends on economic growth, and it turns out that the economy has grown by 5 and poverty has grown by 10, from the supposedly redistributive pro-poor government,” Melconian explained, suggesting that the government recognizes this data from reality.

He quoted the document recently presented by the Argentine Agro-industrial Council and stated that on some things they agree, even if “in terms of requests, we will go slower than those requested. He who admonishes does not betray,” she announced.

Furthermore, he said: “We believe that intellectual victory precedes electoral victory, we are facing a good opportunity and we believe that great emphasis should be placed on changing culture. We’re waging that intellectual battle.”

Appealing to football metaphors, he evaluated the measures that the Government is taking for the agricultural sector and beyond: “This Government is as if it were playing with eleven goalkeepers, and they are asking him to lower the withholding taxes, which is like scoring four goals in goal ahead. The next government can put a striker, but it is difficult to achieve the first goal with just one striker, ”Melconian said, clarifying that he is not against anyone and that his vision is post-crack.

Source: Clarin

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