Generation Z: For 80% of workers, the ideal job is one that offers flexible hours

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The pandemic has reformatted the job market and led to Gen Z, who are now entering the job market, suing hybrid jobs, with flexible hours and which allow them to develop personal projects.

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The advertising agency VMLY&R, together with the research consultancy Trendisity, has launched a survey of the upcoming job market: “Recalculation: this will be work and employability in the coming years.”

One of the main conclusions is that for almost 8 out of 10 workers and students, the ideal job is one that offers flexible hours.

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When asked what your “ideal job” would be like, 78% of respondents said the ideal job “it is the one that offers the possibility to adapt my programs with flexibility while still achieving the objectives“.

68% of those consulted prefer a hybrid format, combining face-to-face days with other home office days, while only 15% prefer face-to-face only and 18% virtual only.

One in three workers currently in a remote or hybrid format scheme warrants this he would resign or look for another job if asked to work face-to-face. And six out of ten workers and students consider it a decision factor in choosing a job.

Mariela Mociulsky, CEO_founder of Trendsity, explains that the life plan has changed. “We have gone from organizing life according to work, to a new conception: think about your life project and choose your job from that“. While these changes are here to stay, some companies have a harder time accepting them than others. “These Generation Z choices cause conflicts within companies or with some corporate cultures.”

For 31% of respondents, work is a means to carry out personal projects: travelling, undertaking and accessing new experiences.

“This is the main motivation in young people. We started from the last century with a conception of work as a sacrifice and linked to people’s identity: people defined themselves with their work. Today the concept of work is linked to enjoyment, well-being, well-being, purpose“says Mociulsky.

Fernando Cabarcos, director of strategy at VMLY&R, warns that these differences can lead to generational conflicts. “This way of advocating for Gen Z doesn’t mean people don’t care about work, it just means they’re no longer defined by it.”

Among young people who are between 20 and 30 today there is the idea of ​​not mortgaging the present for a better future. “Furthermore, they are the working generation born into a democracy, which affects different expectations of participation in decisions: Less ‘bow to power’ attitude‘” concludes the investigation.

This clash of cultures makes it difficult for companies to find and retain the workers they need. In the post-pandemic this problem has worsened. In Argentina, 72% of employers find it difficult to find the profiles they needwhile in 2019 this value was 50%.

“For companies it is much more difficult than before to design a call. We no longer talk about recruiting them but about making them fall in love. Obviously salary still matters, but for this generation, flexibility is the new emotional salary. Previously the work path was more linear, now it’s more zigzagging”.

There is a generation gap“, says Cabarcos. “For those over 40, working little and having a lot of fun is a lack of commitment. Generation Z wonder why I have to work 8 hours if we can do it in 4? Here lies the generational short circuit».

“Today for these guys having five jobs in ten years is something that is appreciatedThey are not looking to spend 10 years in the same company. So when the equation of having a good experience doesn’t work out, they quit, they don’t stay in jobs that have bad bosses who don’t teach,” summarizes Cabarcos. “What we’re showing with this study is that this is the tip of the iceberg ; change is here to stay.”


Source: Clarin

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