Amid the shortage of dollars, Sergio Massa has pledged support to exporting SMEs

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The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, together with the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development, José Ignacio de Mendiguren, inaugurated the production plant of Patagonia CNC Machines in the city of Tigre. There and almost simultaneously with the announcement that the Monetary Fund has agreed to loosen up the reserve accumulation targets for this year, They presented a program to empower exporting SMEs.

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Regard PyMEX power, a $12,000 million investment package from the nation state. “Today, what we are doing is directing our SMEs to continue advancing in a model of exports, of added value and of change in the production structure,” said Mendiguren, explaining that this announcement is part of a package of measures that aims to “The network of SMEs grows, being able to export technology, science, everything that is on the frontier of knowledge”.

Despite expectations in his speech, Massa did not refer to the brand new agreement with the IMF. Instead, he focused on highlighting the importance of more SMEs exporting.

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Four years ago, Argentina was traversed by misfortune after misfortune, in some cases local and in others international. They put us on the stock market, then came the pandemic, war, drought, bird flu and now the fall of international banks,” Massa said, referring to the recent fall of Silicon Valley Bank in the US.

The minister noted: “Nothing will get us out of the dream that every Argentine SME becomes an export product to sell Argentine labor to the world.”

Despite the fact that many of the government-sponsored measures restrict exports, Massa has tried to encourage the sale of SME products abroad. “What is at stake is a model of economic development. Every SME that exports strengthens our development and our currency, every dollar we sell represents a stronger central bank AND much better paid workers.

He explained it SMEs exported $12.8 billion last year and stressed the importance of these numbersin times when we talk about the damage that drought can cause us”.

Faced with this scenario, Massa stressed that he will support exporting SMEs. “We are willing to help you find marketsto finance competitiveness from the financial system with subsidized credit and from the Ministry of the Economy with non-refundable grants”.

“What we are doing here in Tigre today must be repeated in every corner of Argentina to sell Argentine work to the world. This is our challenge as a nation,” he concluded.

Through Potencia PyMEX, the Secretariat of Industry and Productive Development invests in grants of up to $60 million per project.

With an investment of 12 million dollarsThus, Patagonia CNC Machines became the company with the largest automation plant in South America.

Patagonia CNC Machines is dedicated to the design and manufacture of assembly lines and welding devices, the development of applications and peripherals for robotic systems, the supply of standard and special laser cutting machines and the production of CNC routers.


Source: Clarin

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