Light and gas concessions: how they take place and until when there is time to register

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The National Government has extended the registration period in the Register of Access to Energy Facilitations (RASE), so that people who meet the conditions for access to the preferential electricity and gas tariff, and have not yet registered, complete the form .

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In principle, such an extension will be “until mid-April”sources from the Ministry of the Economy assure.

The decision responds to the fact that they found that there is an important share of potential beneficiaries, “especially from within the country”who have not yet registered and by the Government i hope they do before fully applying the fare segmentation announced last year.

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Rationalizing subsidy spending was one of the IMF’s requirements to meet the 1.9% of GDP fiscal deficit target in 2023.

We delayed segmentation becauseas far as we know, there are people who should have benefits who have not been registered in SATIN. We want to force logging, so people are aware they have to. We will extend the registration until mid-April,” sources close to the Economy said.

Last week, The Ministry of Energy has investigated territorial operations to facilitate enrollment in the registry office access to energy subsidies so that, basically, retirees and other users with less access to the Internet can complete the process.

Even from the Ministry of the Economy they send messages, almost daily, warning that registrations are still open. Did you know that you can still apply for gas and electricity concessions? Go to and fill out the form”.

Light and gas concessions: how to register

To complete the registration form, the user must have the electricity and gas bill and their DNI at hand as minimum requirements and access the official website:

Electricity and gas contributions: what information do they ask me to fill out the form?

The following data will be requested:

  • Surname and name
  • ID
  • Procedure no.
  • Type
  • Date of birth
  • socioeconomic data
  • Employment situation
  • Contact information
  • Address declared by the user
  • Postal code
  • relationship with the house
  • Light duty data
  • Gas service data
  • Data of the group of cohabitants
  • All data will form part of the compiled affidavits which will be available in digital format on the website

Light and gas concessions: what are the new tariffs like?

  • high-income segment: includes families who declare their total monthly income equivalent to or greater than $572,386.50.
  • middle income segment: Includes users reporting total monthly income between $163,539 and $572,386.50.
  • low-income segment: includes households which, considering the members of the household as a whole, declare net income less than $163,539.


Source: Clarin

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