Another joint meeting fails and the bankers threaten another nationwide strike

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The Banking Association (AB) led by deputy K Sergio Palazzo threatens a new measure of force and has warned the chambers of commerce that “the deadline has expired” after the new failure of the joint meeting held in the Ministry of Labour.

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In a communiqué signed by the National General Secretariat, the AB argued that for now “it would not be possible to reach an agreement in Labor that fully satisfies the needs of bank workers” and stated that “the situation is unsustainable”.

“The situation is unsustainable as the mandatory conciliation ordered last February by the work portfolio is about to expire. The Abappra chamber is the only one that has made a salary proposal for the moment and continues to work on it. The other private entities (EBA, ABA and Adeba) continue to delay and obstruct a deal,” he said.

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In this sense, the union, which already promoted a 24-hour national strike on 23 February, targeted private banks stating that “they are not interested in the wage situation of the workers but only continue to generate more and more profits“.

“Private chambers, especially international banks, urgently need to reconsider and deploy their high profitability, obtained mostly speculatively, with almost zero capital risk and protected by Central Bank Resolutions (BCRA). They don’t understand the timing or the right demands“, the union added.

Palazzo insisted that the Bank requires “an immediate salary improvement and compensation to help bear the burden of Irpef”.

Furthermore, they accused the chambers of “not offering concrete solutions or proposals after more than three months of negotiations”, for which accused the businessmen of seriously endangering the “social peace”.

Last Friday, the Association of Public and Private Banks of the Argentine Republic (Abappra) proposed a “concession a one-off extraordinary sum of a non-remunerative naturein the notion of wage compensation of income tax”.

Banks have warned with more forceful measures.  Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Banks have warned with more forceful measures. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

“The amounts offered therefore range from a scale of $12,500 to $136,500, to be paid 50% in May and the remaining 50% in September 2023. The chamber clarifies that this extraordinary bonus will not be applicable to banking entities currently repaying their workers for said tax,” the union said at the time.

On that occasion, the Private Chambers (ABA, Adeba and ABE) only ratified the salary proposal presented on February 16 and expressed that they would analyze Abappra’s offer and the BCRA took note of all the proposals.

The union recalled after that meeting that the workers “transit the third month without receiving a salary increase and have not received retroactivity corresponding to the year 2022″.

Source: Clarin

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