Yet another bank stops asking pensioners for proof of life: according to the bank, what is the procedure for those who still ask

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Retirees and retirees who collect their salary through a bank usually have to do a survival procedure or proof of life. Before the pandemic, this step was completed in person or via a debit card purchase at nearby stores. During the confinement period it was suspended, and in the post-pandemic, however, this process began to take place virtually. Now there are more and more entities joining to ask for it more.

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This Monday, customers of the Supervielle bank join the list of pensioners or pensioners who will no longer have to present it. In this way, customers up to 74 years of age are exempt from having to prove their existence in life to collect their goods.

“With this initiative, they are making it easier for nearly 450,000 seniors and is part of a progressive plan to streamline the collection process for more and more beneficiaries,” the agency said in a statement.

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On Wednesday, Santander Bank, an entity that has also added benefits to the package it already offers for this age group, joined the ranks of banks that stopped asking for proof of life.

“The benefits of the Senior Account are accessed by all people who collect their pension assets in the Entity”, The entity said through a statement last week. And he added: “Fully discounted accounts and packages, savings in pharmacies, supermarkets, car insurance, low rates for personal loans and a telephone line with priority attention, among others.”

For new departing customers to collect their pension with Santander they will receive a welcome $5,000 in your new account for once.

For new customers who start collecting their pension with Santander, they will receive a one-time welcome of $5,000

For new customers who start collecting their pension with Santander, they will receive a one-time welcome of $5,000

​Bank by bank, how to complete the life assessment process

The banks that automatically carry out the process are: Nación, Buenos Aires Province, Córdoba, La Pampa, San Juan, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Piano. And now Santander has just joined.

For the rest of the entities, the digital forms most used to process the life certificate are:

  • make purchases with the debit card associated with the current account where the credit is collected
  • put your fingerprint on totems or ATMs in banks
  • go to an Anses biometric self-consultation terminal or use the mobile applications of the banking institutions.

He Macro desk has an online procedure that requires you to take a front-back photo of your identity document and take a “selfie”, positioning your face inside the box displayed on the mobile phone screen and making a few movements; although it can also be solved by using the debit or credit card of the account in purchases in supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, restaurants and shops.

He comafi bank offers, to complete the process electronically, to make face-to-face purchases of more than $1,000 with a debit card or to put your fingerprint on the Anses totems of any bank or UDAI; and, in person, with the collection of assets by row of boxes or with a survival certificate issued by the competent authority (in case it is done by the agent).

He Colombian bank allows you to test survival from your app, downloadable for Android phones, and by performing a series of steps: create a username and password from the “are you new?” option, press the faith button of life and take a photo of the expensive; or with traditional mechanisms.

Inside Bank of Galicia it is possible to credit the proof of existence – which must be renewed every 35 days – with each purchase with a credit or debit card associated with the account on which the credit is credited in pharmacies and supermarkets, via totem with fingerprint, debit over the counter at any bank branch.

He Patagonia Bank offers the possibility to do this by entering through Patagonia eBank where you have to enter the type and number of the document, the means by which you want to receive the security code (email or SMS), complete the code received through the chosen route in the step above and generate a username and password for digital channels, where the process can be completed.

He Itau Bank offers four options for renewing the faith of life: debit card consumption in any business; affix the fingerprint on the Anses biometric totem in bank branches or in a Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI); the cardholder who shows up at any Itaú branch without prior appointment; that a third party or a delegate with a certificate managed by authorized bodies comes to the bank, accompanied by the original DNI of the benefit holder.

He Credicoop Bank offers to complete the survival process by making purchases with a Cabal debit or credit card, also through MODO or other virtual wallets, or with the use of Anses biometric identification terminals.

He bbva bank gives the possibility to renew the certificate of existence in life with collection at the counter or presentation in the branch with renewal for three months; with face-to-face purchases with the Visa Debit card in shops, with Anses biometric totems in BBVA branches (renewed for three months), with purchases abroad with the Visa Debit card linked to the Anses account (renewed for 45 days), or by sending from abroad to the BBVA branch the Proof of Existence in Life, not older than one month and to be legalized at the Registry (renewed for three months).


Source: Clarin

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