Exchange rate tension: the blue dollar rises by 4 dollars and reaches 390 dollars, the maximum face value of 2023

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In the parallel market, the price of the dollar seems to reflect growth gearbox voltage and the uncertainty about sharp decline in reserves of this first part of the year: blue goes up by 4 dollars and reaches 390 dollars, its highest face value since the beginning of 2023. In the financial segment, prices have fallen slightly.

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The central bank is unable to stop the bleeding of international reserves in the context of a sharp decline in dollar income from agriculture and, although rumors are growing in the market about the evolution of the exchange rate, as a way to address the imbalances without validating a sharp devaluation of the official dollar, the government is currently denying it.

In the wholesale segment, the organization chaired by Miguel Pesce accelerated its monthly depreciation rate to 5.8% on Monday. To keep up with the creeping peg of the last five days to the end of the month, March will end with an average increase of 5.8% per month, 0.2% above the REM forecast, but below the inflation forecast for this month.

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Meanwhile, hand in hand with a better overall mood, Argentine stocks and bonds face the second session of the week with increases.

On Wall Street, the main indices got off to a positive start, driven by an improvement in the banking sector, with investors enjoying the purchase of Credit Suisse and the “bailout” of the central banks of the main economies.

The global market has all eyes on it At this week’s Federal Reserve meeting, that you will have to decide how to continue yours tariff policy of interest after the banking crisis of the last few days.

Wall Street-listed Argentine shares rise more than 7% on Tuesday, with the ADR of Edenor in the lead.

This supports the index Mervalwhich increases by 2.2%.

Dollar bonds also benefited from global optimism and climbed as much as 1%.

Source: Clarin

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