Schiaretti before entrepreneurs: “Attacking the fiscal deficit and the lack of dollars is fundamental”

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In what was a luncheon at the Four Seasons building, many of the country’s top businessmen met with the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti. The meeting of members of the powerful Argentine Business Association (AEA) lasted 90 minutes.

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Already at the beginning Schiaretti told them that he preferred to talk instead of making a speech. And he gave them different definitions, like the diagnosis that Argentina has two problems, the fiscal deficit and the lack of dollars. “If they are not resolved, there is no way out,” stressed according to one of the participants.

“It is crucial to attack the fiscal deficit. It must reach a broad consent on the need to ensure fiscal balance. This is a key factor in consolidating a sustainable stabilization plan, ”she remarked. And she referred to the fact that it is necessary to end the crack and ensure a good parliamentary volume in the new Congress support this course of action.

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The Governor stressed that it is essential that there is clear and stable rules of the game. “It is well-functioning institutions that generate trust, provide certainty and attract investment,” he commented according to a statement from the body. And in this sense Schiaretti spoke of the need to do so modernize labor relations. When asked what this means, he appealed to the model used in the construction sector by creating a special fund for periods of decline in activity.

Another theme that passed over the meeting was the drama of drug trafficking that afflicts Rosario. “In Córdoba we have set up neighborhood safety councils”, Schiaretti said.

The governor avoided referring to his candidacy, but did mention the creation “together with other people of a new political space”.

Schiaretti stressed that they must promote all activities that generate foreign currency “since this is always a bottleneck for Argentine growth. And he stressed that it is essential to promote the actions of the private sector since this is the fundamental player in the generation of wealth in the country”.

The state must support and accompany the private sector. And he repeated one of his favorite phrases: “As much market as possible and as much State as needed”.

EEA President Jaime Campos he spoke of respect for institutions and the division of powers. And he underlined that it is essential for Argentina to reach the normality in terms of economic policies.

Campos listed a number of issues that affect business like this:For many years we have lived with the scourge of high inflation, with permanent public account deficits, with the absence of a respected domestic currency, with a very high and distorted tax burden on the formal sector, with permanent changes to the rules of the game, violating the frameworks established for the regulated sectors, with different exchange rates, with undue interference in companies such as price controls, or the multiple restrictions related to foreign trade; just to name a few anomalies”.

Roberto Alexander, Martín Castelli, Jaime Campos, Enrique Cristofani, Claudio Cunha, Enrique Duhau, Eduardo Elsztain, Julio Figueroa, Luis Fontana, Alberto Grimoldi, Alberto Hojman, Sergio Kaufman, Héctor Magnetto, Carlos Miguens, Luis A. Pagani, Cristiano Rattazzi were present. , Aldo Roggio, Julio Saguier, Amadeo Vázquez and Guadalupe Mazulo.

Schiaretti was together with Ricardo Sosa, Minister of Public Works of Córdoba and with the deputy Carlos Gutiérrez.

Source: Clarin

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