Although it grew by 2.9% in January, economic activity is slowing down

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In January 2023, the monthly estimator of economic activity (EMAE) grew by 2.9% in the interannual comparison, while it grew by 0.3% compared to December in the seasonally adjusted measurement, as reported by INDEC this afternoon.

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As, the gross domestic product confirms its slowdown given that it closed last year with 5.2% growth, projections by private analysts for this year indicate a decline in activity of between 1 and 5%, despite the Government insisting there will be a 2% growth,

In relation to the same month of 2022, 14 of the business sectors that make up the EMAE recorded increases in Januaryincluding Fishing (+81.2%), Mines and Quarries (+11.5%) and Hotels and Restaurants (+8.6%).

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However, the manufacturing industry sector (+7.1%) was the one with the greatest positive impact in the interannual variation of the EMAE, followed by Wholesale trade, retail and repairs (+5.2%).

For its part, the impact of the drought was felt in January. The Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry sector was the only one to register a decline in the interannual comparison, with an interannual loss of 15.5%. this object subtracted 0.7 percentage points from the interannual change of the EMAE.

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Source: Clarin

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